Saturday, March 1, 2008

The fear continues.........

I found this wonderful picture on this site........ I did that least I hope I am. Fear, we all have it, some people talk about dreaming about being naked at the mall (that is scary!!!!) and others have fear of moose........go figure.....but one of the things that really ranks at the top most of my list, as you know, are SNAKES.
So the story continues.............this week the door bell rings and I can see the Fed-Ex truck out in the street, so I know a package has arrived............excitement!!!!!!!!!! I open the door and the Fed-Ex lady is bent over in the front yard.........close to the street........and peering into the area under the dining room window ----where we have tall shrubs, bark stuff and plants.............BUT, it is not overgrown at all, as my daughter insists that it be kept open, so no one could hide in there..........(another fear???). She says to me in this quaking voice..
"Do you know you have a snake out here?"
Ok, the first thing out of my mouth was..
"Oh you are so funny." Then I thought........I don't know this woman, she wouldn't know that I have this death fear of snakes.........
"Ma'am, come out here and look, it is big."
Now, I kid you not, I stood there for almost a minute and actually debated about going out there, I mean I almost just shut the door and went back inside to shake...............but I faced the challenge and ran like the wind out to the front yard. Ok, trust me, there was a
SNAKE and not just any snake, but at least a four foot snake, because he or she was full length under the window, and then, and get this was folded back and that $*%&@Q%&@ snake had raised up and it looked like it was trying to peer into the dining room window !!!!!!!!!!!!
"Ma'am I have seen snakes, but that thing is big."
Well, just put more tinder on the fire and grab more matches.........I look at her and I must have been whiter than white and she asked..
" Are you ok?" Heck now I am not alright, already I am picturing this thing crawling into the house, slithering up the stairs towards my grandson's bedroom..........oh we won't go any I literally flew - honest I do not remember getting back into the house - and yelled over my shoulder a quick "thank you" to the lady and slammed the door. I quickly called my sil at work and you guessed it, got his answering machine. Hmmmm, I don't remember word for word my comments, but I am thinking that they weren't to coherent or sensible.......for when he finally called me back he was between a laugh and concern. To make this adventure short, a neighbor, who I don't even know, but he works from home and another lady gave me his number and he came down with a big spade shovel and did a very thorough walk and stabbing investigation of the snake. I did call both neighbors on both sides of us, as they both have pools and shared the information. I do have to admit, and I admit this with no shame, I still get quivery when I write about this.........I am sure it was harmless............but it does not matter, it was a snake and here is an article to back up my fear.
I am not alone, not that, that makes me feel better, but I am in good company at least.........

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