Sunday, March 2, 2008

Let's bow our heads...................

Remember that frog squeezy toy that I shared with you a while back............well it took the big burp and exploded. It exploded all over my shirt and lap. I am glad that I had this experience instead of one of the grandsons, just because I don't like them to get into trouble. Now have you ever had one of these squishy squashy creatures explode? on you? Oh man, it is something that you will not forget. The innards are a combo of slime and silly putty.........and cold, egads, that stuff is coooooold. When it happened I just sort of sat what happened? I then carefully rolled back in my chair and slowly and cautiously looked my mind I knew what had happened, but until I actually saw the evidence I didn't want to believe it. Yup, there it was, all of this cold and clamly blue stuff sitting there. When I started to clean it up, it was funny this goop isn't liquidy or solid, again, a combo of slime and silly putty......I have a few business cards on my desk and so I used one of those to scrape off the frog gift. I sure hope it doesn't stain, but I also had my grubbies if it stains, then it will just be added to all of the other various colors and junk on these items of clothing. So in the frog's place, I have brought home a new pet: a blue weiner dog. Look what is inside of this non-eating, doesn't require shots and no back yard pick up creature............there are little bones. I am in hopes that this one lasts, but alas, what is bought at the $1 store usually lasts the $1 store time. Oh well, I enjoy squeezing these little squishies and if it helps me with tension, then so be it.......right?

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