Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Dreams are only thoughts you didn't have time to think about during the day.
— Anonymous

I dream. I remember parts of my dreams, or at least the "theme" of the dream. No big deal, right? Wrong! Seems like lots and lots of people either don't dream or don't remember their what a bummer. I can remember as far back as when I was 4 or 5, and I must have had a fever or ill with something, my dream was about this face on my closet door..........and I wasn't allowed to cry to my Mum or Daddy for help..........I can still remember the eyes on that closet door creature.........not a pretty sight.
Now since I have, hmmmm I want to say grown-up, but I guess I haven't really grown-up, so lets say, since I have added numerical years onto my age group, my dreams many times have me flying.

Oh man, I love that feeling..........for those of you that have similar dreams where flying is involved, I bet we both could try to explain the feeling and we would use different words, expressions, and body gestures.......I just know I love it!

In these dreams of freedom and truly not held down to earth by this over extended in growth body, I just, oh I don't's wonderful. Some of the dreams have me floating in

the air, never with wings......just floating, sometimes with
my arms out, other times just drifting and floating. My most recent version of flying in my dreams was really funny. All I had to do, was put my arms down straight an and tight next to my body, and I would raise up and flyaway. I can't remember what happens once I am airborne, but getting up into the air was just plain exhilarating.

I am sure there are pages and pages of explanations and scientific reasons for all of these dreams........and it might be nice to read about them.....maybe I will, and then again, I am at the stage of my life that sometimes I just don't want a whole bunch of facts and scientific jargon..........I just like the mystery and magical feelings that my dreams leave with me in the about you?

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