Friday, April 4, 2008

South Padre Island

Ok, I know I told you that I would share my recent adventures of my visit with my childhood friend..........I haven't. Mostly because what few pictures I took and had put on a disc, downloaded to some folder/site that I can't get to load up onto my blog.............I told you I was challenged in the computer area. We did have some giggles and was when we were walking the beach. Now don't go picturing some romantic thing ...........

It was cold......and I mean down right chilly willy cold. We had actually purchased the typical tourist type of sweatshirt to wear down to the beach. We both also purchased some foot some bright pink and green thick flip flops, in case by some miracle the sand would have been friend those swim shoes that people wear into pools or bodies of water to protect their feet...........oh yeah, we were just pictures of beauty.

We weren't this bundled up, but trust me at some point I think we both wish we had been. Now I have already confessed my love affair with the ocean and still have those special does my childhood friend.........but darn and super darn, did I mention it was chilly!!!!!!
Yup that's me...........hmmmmm I think I was trying to smile but that wind was just whipping that grin right off of my chubby little face!!!!

Now we did discover much to our delight, seashells..........lots of them. Since I have already admitted that I am not grown-up yet, I still have to collect some. Thinking I will find a pretty glass container and put them in it.........anyways, at this point we both have avoided feeling the ocean on our feet.

" Wonder how cold that water is?" I said so innocently, that even I was surprised that a halo didn't appear over my head.

" I don't know and for once I don't care......I'm cold enough without testing the water." my dear, sweet, innocent, and good-gravy-how-long-have-we-been-friends, friend replied.

Yup, I shoved her into the incoming water , that was gently lapping onto the beach..........but forget how gentlethe water was lapping it was must have been like 400 degrees below zero, because the look on her face just said it all................once she got over the shock, she laughed. She never did get me back isn't she the sweetest thing..........NOT . If nothing else, we learned on this trip, that we would be best friends forever, shoot we know to much about each other to become enemies and spill the beans on each other..........tee hee.

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