Friday, May 9, 2008


Certain things are just happened just this week. My oldest grand daughter (10) just learned how to play solitaire, between her daddy and I. Now no, it isn't that hard to teach her, but this household has this revolving door attached to it and people are in and out, phone ringing - so I would jump in while he was off talking on the phone or visiting with people that drop by. Oh man, did it bring back memories to me.
I grew up in the 50's. I truly believe that the 50's was the last of the "safe for children" eras. Honest. I lived on a maple lined street, where the trees gave us all the shade and protection you could ask for. We rented our home at the time from a wonderful, wonderful family who had a daughter that was 2 years older than and I, and we were inseparable.....totally. I mean, we dressed alike, we had baby dolls alike, we took swimming lessons together, 4-H together, and during the it was rare the nights that we didn't sleep at each other's home. It was truly a wonderful and totally idyllic childhood. Then the summer of solitaire hit. We learned to play together, and sadly I don't remember who taught us..........but who ever it was.........well they created monsters. We played morning, noon and night. We played on the picnic tables under the maple trees, we played on the blankets spread out at the lake, we played on the porch floor, we played on our beds, and then we discovered double solitaire and we really went to town. It was a good summer..........but most of my childhood was good.
I'm glad I was here to see my grand daughter learn how to play, will this be her summer of solitaire? No........things have changed........and change is good and necessary, in some areas. I wish that little boys and girls at the age of 10 could have a summer of solitaire though............but then I also wish for many things...........

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