Sunday, June 22, 2008


Ok, so my Da wasn't reading 'cartoons', but they were the funnies. What do you call them, comics or funnies? I think back now and I wonder (see i am wondering again) if because so many people that I loved, read to me, is one of the reasons I love to read......books, magazines, signs, blogs, you name it and I will read it. My mother, rest her soul, always told me that I would never be lonely as long as I had a book ( i was an only child) and she was almost right. I do miss my friends and having that adult contact, and I do miss having a special man in my life - oh that is another whole subject all together and maybe someday I will share that one, but I
do know that I can't remember a time when I didn't have a book somewhere in my house that I wasn't reading. I am a novel reader, I like most genre except Science Fiction and Horror........Sci Fi just gets me confused with all of the character names and who is who and from what planet and what they can do and can't do, and Horror.........shoot, I'm a mess on my own, I don't need to read about things that will set me down another path. Now the Sci Fi thing is interesting, as I love Sci Fi movies, Star Trek, Star Wars, oh man, there is another one and I can't think of the name.........oh well, I like the movies.
I know that when I move, and compared to many people I truly haven't moved that often, but when I do, once fairly settled, I search out the public library and second hand book stores. I love second hand book stores. I don't know who thought of them, but whoever did, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know it is a game of chance, going to either one of these places and finding the book that you want, but it is much more economical. I love book stores too, I love to wander through them and look at everything, magazines, stationary, cds, sale books, instructional books, fiction..........but to this day, I have never ever been lucky enough to go and find one of the chairs empty, so I could sit and browse........maybe it's for the better, huh? Oh need I say that I like the snack bars that two of the chains have now..........again, I have never purchased a drink and sat at a table and browsed.......but it always looked nice and rather moviesh (new word).
This isn't what I was going to blog about at all today, but I put that picture in and just started to ramble ignore the cartoon title and switch it to cartoons/funnies and I'll save my thoughts/ramblings on cartoons for another day..........
Oh, before I forget, I know the difference between two and too..........yikes re-read by blog and found that I two instead of too yesterday and I felt rather "duh" I am sure I make other grammatical errors, but I do know the difference on that one..........wheeeew, now I feel better.

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