Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A good idea

I know that most everyone has either read or head the above words............but shoot, they do make sense...

Since the price of gas is growing like the beanstock in the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk........I have had to place myself on this even stricter budget........like yikes!!!! I no longer hop in the car and go........not that I was ever a random "goer" as I don't care about driving that much, nope not even as a teenager was I dying to drive. It seemed like I was the one that ended up driving, because being an only child I did have access to my mother's car most of the time..........but it wasn't my most favorite role.

Oh I am not going to re-use tin foil or wash out plastic bags, but I am thinking about the purchasing of things that I didn't before. For instance, last year I went hog wild when planting the pots on the deck.........this year, I went to Wally World and forced myself to stay in the $3 and under bracket..........the deck looks nice, ok it isn't like last year, but it's nice. I am not purchasing magazines like I use to, and I haven't been to the used bookstore in a long long time........mostly because we have a nice selection stockpiled at the moment. I would use our little local library, but the selection is quite small, but I will start soon. In fact there is a certain pattern that I have been wanting for a quite awhile.........but it is $25!!!!! So I just asked my daughter to go in halvsies with me.........after all it's going to hang in her house!!!! She agreed. I am trying to do my part...............oh who am I fooling.........I have been forced to participate in this 2008 form of THE DEPRESSION...........I will survive. In fact when I think back to the stories that my mother shared with me about the rationing during WWII, we have not experienced anything compared to that..........so I will not whine...........I won't........I will instead feel proud of my little efforts to use it up, make-do or go without.

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Joanne Kennedy said...


Thanks for stopping my blog and for your offer to stop by yours.

I love this post. Times are pretty hard for everyone these days.....except of course the super rich.

I love going to thrift stores and garage sales now more then ever. It's so fun to get things for really cheep.

I think it would be fun to have a post of tips that everyone has to save money.

Like I think a magazine swap would be great. We can all share the magazines we get. Read them and send them on to the next person. I take mine to the hospitals now.

I wanted to grow my own veggie garden this year but I didn't get anything planted in time. So maybe next year. Sort of like a Victory Garden in WWII times.

I'm off to read more of your blog.

I'll be seeing you again real soon.