Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Tuesday

Yup, it's Tuesday.....you didn't know that? Tee Hee.....well I am so glad to be of any help that I can be........Tuesday is gym day. Need I say that it isn't my most favorite day or the week, along with Thursday.........I am not a healthy minded person..........nope, exercise has never been my number one priority....NEVER!!!!! So every day that I go, I want to high school band to come and do some sort of John Phillip Sousa music in our circle and the flag dancers to do their routine and the drum major or majorette to go from house to house and ring door bells and let all of the neighbors know that I was a "good woman" and went!!!!!
Sunday the whole family went to see Indiana Jones!!!! GO, do not hesitate. Save your pennies, do what you have to do to be able to go. I loved it!!! Of course I loved all of the Indy movies, so I was sure to like this one too, right? Well you never know, there could have been that rare chance that I wouldn't have liked it.........I think we all have to agree that sometimes you can over make certain things and then sadly some of the charm and wonder is lost. Well, trust me on this one, it isn't that way with this movie...............I laughed, I was surprised and did the little jump in the seat thing quite a few times...........and of course there is the famous Harrison Ford kiss too. If you miss it, it won't be long before before it is out on DVD........so don't give up hope..........
I have called the Geeks and now they have given me a time frame of Wednesday.........not happy with them. So I am trying to be polite and continue my faith in them.........again, and sadly this is becoming more and more normal.........I think they don't have enough help to give the best service. I did pick up a virus (from a free game site, and yes I know that is where I got it, because when I went to it on this lap top it started to take down the virus program!!!!!), and sadly the people who make these viruses, well they are good. Again, I don't understand doing something bad with this skill, for surely if they can make a virus, they could make a new game to sell, a new program to sell.........something for improving...yes? Guess that will be a question that will continue on in history, huh?

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