Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mr. Bill

Just looking at this man makes me smile. I know that he has had some nasty law suits against him in the last few years, but his comedy alone makes him, to me, a wonderful person.
Now I am not writing about Bill Cosby, no I am writing about Little Bill, the cartoon. My youngest grandson has just "found" him. Of course being 3, you don't always get the right name for things.......so Little Bill is Mr. Bill, and as long as I know this, life is good. Yesterday we went to the library to exchange our books and the boys just seemed to realize that they had movies to lend.............whoa, talk about the library going up higher in their eyes!!!! Daniel, 7, chose Home Alone and with this grasping to his chest, death clutch, Andrew found Mr. Bill. This little boy carried that movie around with him clutched to his chest and telling anyone and everyone, " I found Mr. Bill!"
"We are watching Mr. Bill right now.........but this morning he did say "Widdle Bill", so maybe he is catching on to the right name. It's a cute little show, and one that I can understand.........yup, no aliens, no zapped up little munchkins, just cute little stories with love and laughter.........and of course I am in love with the great-grandmother.
I was sad to hear that George Carlin passed away on Sunday..........another great comedian has left us. Oh, I know he did have a potty mouth, but he sure layed it out there, honestly and brutally. There use to be an email type letter about one of his radio broadcasts and I loved it......lost it when I lost everything else on the computer.......I am sure that it will show up sooner or later, or if you have a copy, I would love to get another copy........hey everyone, have a good day.......and giggle at least once today.

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andsewon said...

Mary...this is so cute an funny!!
Love to hear 2 and 3 yr olds chatter and adore their laughter. I will stop in a store to listen several aisles over it makes me smile! by the way they used to call my Dad, Mr. Bill. ;-)