Monday, June 23, 2008

Remember the Padre Island trip??

Well on the way home we went to Corpus Cristi to the aquarium there. It was wonderful. I actually got to touch a string ray......just quickly tho', as I am not that quick......and trust me, they swim fast.......they were just amazing to watch too. Another tank that we, Karen, my oldest friend, and I liked were the otters...........they were playing that day.......well I am sure they play lots, but we were lucky enough to see them and we giggled like little girls...........that one of the fun parts of being our age, you can giggle and tee hee and people just smile at you.......oh well I don't care. There was of course the 'famous' "NEMO" tank that 255 gabillion parents and kids were at.......the mommies and daddies saying, "see Nemo, see Nemo" and half of the kids looking like they were in a daze, or couldn't care less and of course there is always that one child that is so thrilled with the tank that he or she isn't going to leave, never mind that he or she has been threatened, counted to - you know " I am going to count to 3" thing (have I have actually used that one on Andrew.......bad Nana!!!!!

The tank small room/area that we both fell in love with was the jelly fish room. Oh, it was semi dark, cool, and if they had, had a bench in there, we both might have been there still.........well Karen wouldn't, she eventually would have had to get back out on that dance floor.......she is a fantastic ballroom dancer and thoroughly loves every minute spent there. Oh there were tanks with jelly fish like this

and this is such a poor stolen snapshot too. They were all kinds of neon looking colors........I mean I had never ever seen anything like it..........ever. There were some like this and also like this
There were about 5 or 6 tanks, I can' t remember for sure, but all in all it truly was a special moment and enjoyed by both of us. I don't know why it took me so long to share that with you.........I would so like to get down there with the boys this far it looks like the summer is filling up fast........

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