Saturday, June 21, 2008

Trivia ........

My Uncle Roy has a saying " When my ship comes in, I'll be at the airport picking up relatives that I don't even like, and will miss the ship!"
trivia: insignificant or inessential matters; trivialities;trifles
Well you're hearing them first here ladies and maybe a gent two (do men read blogs?)
I obtained all of this trivia from the S.A.Life section of the San Antonio Express News.....good source on information, not just trivia.
Cyd Charisse died this week, she was born in Amarillo, TX ( I didn't know that). You don't know who Cyd Charisse is? Oh man, you are waaaaay younger than me........she was a wonderful dancer in the movies, danced with Fred Astaire (and if you don't know who Fred Astaire is, then you are on your own......check the Internet!!!) I had Cyd Charisse paper dolls when I was growing up........
Dietitian and taster put energy drinks to the I don't drink those type of fluids.......thus might be my problem of ALWAYS being slow and late.......sigh.........but since I don't drink them, I was rather ignorant of the different brand names. Did you know that Playboy has an energy drink ?(and it didn't rate very high either). The new one from Ocean Spray, Cranergy Energy Juice Drink, the dietitian concerned that the caffeine is coming from green tea, and will give people false energy.........I don't care, I like the commercials!!!
Here are all of the people (well "famous and or well-known) who had birthdays yesterday and are older than me. Olympia Dukakis 77
Martin Landau 77
Brian Wilson 66
Anne Murray 63
Bob Vila 62
Tina Sinatra 60
God bless Mamie Van Doren, at 70-something is still looking pretty good. "As I've gotten older, Buddism helps me to understand and live in the moment, without fears," Mamie says.
From the teachings of Buddist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, she has even learned to accept her from lines.
"If I have a flaw, I've learned to love it," she says. "I look at it in the mirror and say6, 'I love you.'"
Then she signs up for more plastic surgery.
Oh the article went on, but you've got to love her for hanging, well I think I accepted to fast and quickly the sagging, loss of memory and general down hill slope of mind and body!!!
OH here is a good piece of trivia.........French became the official legal language of England in 1066 and remained so for you know that will impress your post office person when you share it with them the next time you go and buy stamps!!! Oh don't be smug and tell me that you buy on line.............someone has to be buying stamps, because other wise why would I have to stand in line with a restless and over active 3 year old grandson?
Well there is yesterday's trivia in a nutshell..........if there is anything else I can do to make your day go better, please feel free to drop me a line or comment.............

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