Friday, June 20, 2008


It's HOT in Texas.........ok, so that's no new flash, but for some reason the heat is getting to me this year.......badly!!!!! Oh man, I know this is beginning to sound like the whining queen's blog, huh...sorry, but let's face it, taking care of two little boys, and no friends that live close by (closest friend is about 45 minutes away in heavy traffic), I have few adults to talk I don't really talk to my daughter and sil.........they talk to each other, but I seem to be blending into the scenery lately, or at least I feel that way............ooooo, getting back to the weather. It's HOT !
So I know this isn't a new thing, after all we are in southern Texas. Yet what brings about this obvious statement is driving around our area, you will see the cutest little homes. Old, small, quaint cottage type homes, white clap board and something that I "think" I would like to attempt to make over into a cottage type home for me - with air conditioning!!!! These homes are not the homes of those women who settled here, I know this, but it does make me think of them and what they had to suffer. I mean, how many petticoats did they wear, and I am talking the everyday pioneer, settler woman. Long sleeves, aprons (ok, I know those were worn to protect the one of maybe two skirts that they owned), camisoles (I know this was their bra, but it still had to be laced up and another layer added to the mid section), woolen hose, should I keep going on? I also realize that this was the accepted wear of the day and what every woman was expected to and use to wearing.........but Lord love them and I take a big did they do it? Now we won't even go into those ladies that were heavily pregnant or going through menopause during the summers, I am in amazement that they aren't all up for canonization for sainthood. They still had to cook with a hot wooden stove, do laundry in a big ole' pot outside over a fire........are you getting my drift..............I am taking my hat off to these ladies, each and every one of them.........I bow humbly and say thank you, for being courageous, and steadfast..........I am pretty darn spoiled in my comfortable life and like each and every one of my again, thank you ladies.
A small post script....I looked for pictures of pioneer women on the internet to interject into the tribute to these ladies......ok, I know they didn't have cameras back in those days, but I thought I might find som re-inactment or movier stills.........alas, I found nothing.........didn't spend lots and lots of time on it, either.


Joanne Kennedy said...

It's been hot here in CA again too! I think we are in for a long hot summer. YUCK! I hate the heat too. I would rather have rainy days anytime.

I also think as the years go by it's getting hotter and hotter. Don't you?

Several years ago we didn't need to have air conditioning here where I live but now......well almost everyone has it.


Mary Ellen said...

OOOO, i'm glad you said that Joanne, as I just don't remember the heat being this bad before. I am super duper pale, and burn within minutes, so have always had to watch that,but I know I played outside as a kid, most of the day too......hmmm, please don't tell me this is another one of these "becoming mature" things.....