Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's still today........

Well I am of the age where the words DENTIST, brings on automatic stomach clenching, hyperventilating, sweats and every viable excuse not to go to the above professional. I am beyond scared.........there are times that a horizontal position would be welcomed instead of going to the DENTIST.

I went today...........I am/was/and will be brave.

I don't have the strongest enamel on my one of my back molars had an enamel crown,,,,,,,,,,well it has chipped, broken and totally left what is left of that I in all of my dental wisdom, had decided that I would just have it pulled. I called and made an appointment, knowing nothing about this particular dentist.......I have no one really to make inquiries about their personal dentist (the sil and the boys go to one, but I couldn't get into him) found one very close by.....told the receptionist how scared I was, have no insurance and she fooled around with times to get me in (one of the kids has to leave work to watch the boys) and I went.

I guess I knew in the back of my mind that the dentist, who happens to be a very petite young woman, would try to convince me to keep the tooth...........she did and as I type, I am feeling over and over again, the temporary one with my tongue...........oh come on now, you would be doing the same thing was painless, but the sound alone of those drills was about enough to do me in.........I survived, I did more than survive, when I have to go back I don't think I will have to take Pepto Bismol at all...............hooray!!!!

I used the graphic of the little girls under an umbrella today, as we are experiencing the rain from the tropical depression Dolly..........we do so need the rain, but it is coming so fast and so hard, that all of the ditches are already full and the streets are doing their gushing into the gutter thing...........suppose to continue with the rain and winds until Saturday...........

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