Friday, July 18, 2008

Two, yes 2 stories to share.......

Hey there........first let me my world I think that popcorn and ice-cream should officially be made into two important food groups. AMEN. I do love both of these I don't love, love them, but I sure do salivate and pout if I don't get them once in awhile.......bad pouting too. Now I am not patting myself on the back, but I make some darn good popcorn at home.......I use one of those stir poppers, popcorn oil and only a certain brand of know the one with the man and his bow tie........I don't skimp on the butter either........REAL BUTTER ONLY. So now you can see that I take this whole popcorn thing seriously.

We went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth last was good, hmmm, thought I had shared this already, and if I did, well what can I my daughter and I go into the theatre to get "our" seats............the one in the front row, with the railings in front of us.....(with two little boys, there are some potty breaks, and one of the kids just climbs through the railing and takes the boys........not it), well I should have know that something was amiss, as even though we arrived plenty early, "our" seats were taken!!!! Daniel and Daddy offered to wait in line for the popcorn and sodas.......we get the giant combo thing.......this humongous container of popcorn and two enormous can actually get the popcorn refilled for free if you, huh? Well we waited and waited and waited and when they finally came into the theatre.........they were empty handed. Now hold onto your seats.........take a deep breath...........the theatre had RUN OUT OF POPCORN!!!! Can you believe it? When my sil told us, I took a deep breath and then another, I don't think I have ever gone to a movie without popcorn.........I was afraid I was going to get the shakes, start squirming in my seat, cold sweats..........whatever happens when you do the withdrawal thing. Well here is the second part of the story.........littlest grandson had climbed up onto mommy's lap and fell asleep..........and started to snore. No, not a gentle little nasal sound, it was a combo of an full size chain saw, a jet taking off and landing at the same time and with a rhythm that some singers would love to achieve. Everyone around us was giggling once they found out that it was this little three year old was funny. When he woke up, he was a little disorientated, so he and mummy went out to get the get this, the line was outside of the theatre almost to the parking lot..................I mean can you believe it????? Need I say that they didn't stand in line..........I made it through the movie...though I hope I never have to do it again.......shoot we didn't even get a soda, I just thought of that..........oh well, my hips didn't miss it that much.

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Joanne Kennedy said...

I go to the movies all the time in all my life I have NEVER seen a movie run out of popcorn!!! That is against the LAW. Or if it's not then it should be!

How could you even watch the movie? I think I would have demanded my money back. LOL

To be honest I NEVER get popcorn at the movies. But I HAVE to have a diet coke. Even if I just ate or had tons of coke. It's a mental thing. I have to go to the bathroom before the movie starts too or I just have to get up in the middle of the movie to go. LOL

Yes I did get your email. I emailed you back to thank you but maybe I ended up in your spam mail???

Anyway, thanks for the info. I'm keeping an eye out for that same shower curtain. I just love it.