Saturday, July 5, 2008


Are you of the generation that penmanship mattered? When you had an actual penmanship book? Ok, I know they teach penmanship now, but it isn't as important any more, since the invention of typewriters and computers (for those of you that are unfamiliar with the word or object: typewriter, then I know the whole topic of penmanship is most likely lost too). I have fair seems to lose some of it's clarity and attractiveness if I don't use it often, like most things, right? Now my Da (maternal grandfather), this man had handwriting to make Hallmark drool over........that beautiful script, that you assume went with flowers and Victorian ladies in the garden.........the only piece of his handwriting that I have, is at my second daughter's home, framed ( come to think of it, I didn't see it the last time I was up in Why-oh-ming, will have to ask her where it is). I am sure my cousin back east has more, as that is where the homestead was, or at least I hope she does.
Ok, this is a long, long, long detour to what I was going to share..........I made a little promise to myself that I would send via the United States Postal service a letter or card to someone that I know once a week. I would include a few written lines on the card, if I did decide to send a card instead of a letter and all correspondence would be in long hand........I have stuck to it for the most part........while in Why-oh-ming I didn't send any, and I think a few weeks were so hectic that it was actually Friday before I remembered, so I just put it off to the next week. So now you would think that since I am doing this that I would have received cards or letters, even an email back........well let me tell big 0. I guess I had my hopes up that these people would like to stay in contact.........hmmmm, so much for assuming! One of the reasons I decided to do it was selfish, as I wanted to renew or continue to have friendships grow. I know, I know, everyone is super busy, hectic, stressed out, to much on their plates, etc..........ok I get this, I do. I also wanted to surprise people with something in the mail, besides bills and unwanted advertisements........I know I love to receive something personal in the mail and I wanted to do that for those that I care about.........again, the price of a stamp has gone up and up, the costs of cards is up there too (tho' they do have those nice .99 cents cards) and not everyone is into the card and letter thing. See I get all of this..................but man I have to admit that I am crushed, not one response from anyone..........hmmm, what was that old childhood rhyme.........oh yeah, I remember now......'I'll eat a worm and then I'll die and you'll be sorry by and by'....................but of course no one will know that I ate it and died, because none of my kids will write anyone and share this information with I guess I will continue on with my one woman campaign to keep up my penmanship and inflict myself on old friends and family............shoot I could be doing worse things...........right?

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