Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Last day in Vermont

Have no idea what today will bring......maybe we will do another mini road trip and find a beautiful spot like the one above......isn't it peaceful? I seem to be one of those people that grabs gobs and gobs of tourist type books and reads up on the area that I will be visiting.........I am doing that a wee bit this time, but not to the extent that I usually do.....my "older" friend and I just like to wing it too and maybe that is what this trip will be - a wing.

I know that we won't be seeing any of the beautiful color that comes to New England and embraces it like a comfy and loved quilt. OOO, I can't remember the roads in the Green Mountains, but I do know that my friend has a real fear of drop offs.........in our family we call them "way downs", I will confess, SO DO I!!!!!

I do know that we will see covered bridges..........I do love the covered bridges. Hope I can take some good photos.......oh, here is a link for a shop that I would like to visit http://users.wcvt.com/creators/ and here is another one


or who knows maybe we will just sit around the pool and read...........naw, we will road trip somewhere, shoot maybe we can find this lovely little cottage. Wish me luck in finding lots and lots of cute little cottages, cape cods........

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