Saturday, October 25, 2008

Found this article

Taking no credit for this article at all, it was posted on Yahoo and I just thought I would share it with you.........well, I don't want you to be that"bad house" just trying to be helpful......tee hee
Ok, I just re-read the article and I just couldn't leave it alone........I HAD to add my 2 my comments will be in orange.......again, these are my opinions.

On Halloween night, some houses struggle with the idea of candy. There are good houses, and there are bad houses. The best trick-or-treaters know to avoid the latter. At the food site Serious Eats, we all love Halloween, but wish certain homes would just stop handing out the classically bad "treats." They weren't good last year, the year before that, or now. Our own Erin Zimmer put together this list of our top 10 Halloween treats that nobody wants...

Dentists and orthodontists should not be allowed to celebrate Halloween if they're going to get all tooth doctory on us. Do not bring your work home with you, folks! We all have a personal responsibility to brush, and maybe some of us will forget, but your complimentary bristles on a stick (instead of a Snickers) will not help us remember. It will make us despise you and your trade. I totally

Little boxes of stuck-together shriveled globs are not what little kids schlep around the neighborhood for all night. When they say trick-or-treat, they want candy that will rot their teeth, not wrinkled grapes. (Using an empty box as a kazoo-like instrument, though, is kinda fun.) Again I agree, I like raisins, but most kids aren't lining up to grab these little pieces of dried fruit

Candy Corn

The most polarizing candy of all. The fruitcake of Halloween; it just never goes away. If you love them, fine. But don't subject the rest of us haters to the sickeningly sweet triangle that tastes like neither candy nor corn. I am not a fan, but golly candy corn is as much Halloween as pumpkins.....since we aren't candy corn fans here, my daughter put them into vases to use as bases for faux fall flowers........really cute idea.

Smarties and Necco Wafers
These chalky candies are supposedly "fruit-flavored," but no fruit I know tastes like dust -- and makes everything eaten after taste like dust, too. Now my daughter will kill for a Smartie......and I don't think anyone besides myself even knows what Necco candy this one is split in half for yea and or nay.

Dum Dum Lollipops
Usually, foods on a stick are yummy (corn dogs, ice pops), but Dum Dums just can't be included on that list. Not even if they were breaded and deep-fried and served at a fair. Puleeezeeee, oh pullleeeezzeee, don't tell Andrew this........I can move mountains with a Dum Dum......I carry them in the car and trust me it has saved many an emotional melt down......ok, so let's call it what it really is........blackmail.........I can live with it.

Long before "poisoned candy" scares, evil people were handing out apples instead of candy on Halloween. This disappointing "treat" is the main reason to avoid unwrapped food while trick-or-treating. Does anyone give out apples any more? Thought this one was very interesting.....

Tootsie Rolls
It looks like chocolate and sort of smells like chocolate, but the mini brown tubes are not real chocolate. They taste like watered-down chocolate, and have a chewy texture that will strip the fillings right off your molars. Man I love these little tootsie rolls........I do. Now I don't eat the b ig ones, but put a bunch of the little ones in front of me and wha-la..they disappear.......go figure. So please don't stop putting these in the bags on Halloween, because I won't buy them for myself and rely on this time of year to keep me supplies. Thank you.

Miscellaneous, Wrapped Hard Candies
Halloween is supposed to be a holiday for young people, not senior citizens who suck on hard candies all day. Something about the strawberry-shaped strawberries, gold-wrapped butterscotch, and peppermint feels past the expiration date. (These usually get set aside for Granny.) Thumbs down on these little lumps of hardness....and I am the Granny in this house and don't be pawning them off on me!!!!

Laffy Taffy
I do not laffy when I get these. I sobby. I get depressedy. Because it gets all stucky to my teethy and doesn't even taste that goody. I am pretty sure my oldest grandson like Laffy Taffy.....hmmm, will have to check that again, can't go positive or negative on this sweet.

Anything Fun-Sized
Who started calling it this? Since when is one bite fun?! Give us the rich houses with the sprawling driveways and full-sized candy bars any day. Portion control doesn't need to start this young. Hmmmm, I guess I don't get this one..........with the economy and all, I am all in favor of these little bite size goodies......maybe we aren't trick-or-treating in the right neighborhood, do some people hand out 468, 385, 901 regular size candy bars to nurses, scarecrows, football players, fairies and Darth Vadars????

Ok, again this was an article that I read on Yahoo and wanted to share.........a semi sorta cop out for a blog, but interesting, well I thought it was.......hope you are having a good day..........

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We must be from the same generation as I remember the Necco candy. You made me hungry with all those pucs of candy!!! LOL

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