Friday, October 10, 2008

Some of our decorations

These wonderful fellows light up......they are at the top of our stairs.......somewhere along the line my daughter must have mentioned something about not burning out the bulb, because now Andrew is like some Con Edison super manager, and the minute he gets up he runs around and turns off these and the ones in his and Daniel's bedroom........the hope chest was my mums and my daughter stripped it and re-stained looks lovely.

The candle mat was something that I whipped up 2 years ago, when I was still sewing a lot. It was made up from left-overs from the table runner that I will share later.......I just love the colors of Halloween........purple, orange, bright green.........and here is what sits on top of it.......

I just love shoes........of course I couldn't walk in a pair of heels now if you paid me......I actually tried some on a few weeks back.......ewwwwww, I am to overextended in girth to try that balancing act out in public!!!!!!

Here is the table runner that I made.......the orange and purple check material.....see the little blob little spots on it.......they are the cutest little normally cute and spiders don't go together, but these are spooky cute. Made the pumpkins long long ago........they were fun to do.

Well looking at the time and I have to go and wake up Andrew.......he slept with me again........he wanders down in the darkness and for some unknown reason I do hear him, I hold up the blankets on "his side" of the bed and he crawls know, he never complains about my snoring, think he is the only member of the house that doesn't!!!!!

It's a pre-school day, so lots and lots of smiles will be shared........hope everyone has a fulfilling day.


Anonymous said...

You have some cute things! Is that white one in the middle a real pumpkin?

Mary Ellen said...

These are all Andrew says..."They are bake-able". We will be getting our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch next sure is hard to keep them nice, when it is still so warm here.

andsewon said...

Love it all ME!!!Having lil ones about makes it such fun!!!
So what are you all going to dress up as???
I used to love being a big kid with my kids and the Grands when they were here for such fun things!! I sure hope I can be as fun a Granny as my Mama was!!!
You are so special!! YES YOU ARE!!!!