Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Was I a rebel???

I shared with you a while back that I try to read the little section on celebrities birthdays......well guess whose birthday it is today. Annette Funicello! She is 66. Now I don't think that is earth shattering news, guess I thought she was younger than that When the Mickey Mouse club arrived on the television screen and a bajillion kids would plop down in front of their black and white televisions every night to hear the group of mouseketeers sing their way into our homes, informing us that is was
Monday: fun with music day

Tuesday: guest star day

Wednesday: anything can happen day

Thursday: circus day


Friday: talent roundup day
My goodness, it was a busy week, huh? Now most every young girl had her favorite........and most chose Annette.
Annette, as I mentioned is now 66 and living with MS.....a cruel disease that hits more people than we know.

Now as I mentioned, I picked a different mouseketeer........I chose Darlene.

Now it seems that Miss Darlene took a road that surprises me........
In November 2005 she, along with present husband was again indicted on federal charges, this time for fraudulently submitting multiple claims in the settlement of a class-action lawsuit.

Now we will go to the Beatles..........does anyone remember when they arrived, the Ed Sullivan show (my girlfriend a budding photographer actually took pictures of the television screen and had quite the little business going selling the pictures of the Beatles on the show!!!!)

Well most of the girls were swooning and fainting over John and Paul..........well you guessed it, not heart throb was Ringo..........still enjoy his singing and humor.........have seen him on a few talk shows and he just cracks me up.

So when we all turned 16, didn't most of you just want the family car and drive and drive and drive and drive? Me, I wanted my license, I did, but driving was never that fantastic to this day I would much rather be the passenger. Listen to this one, I used my Mum's car, which was a wonderful 4 seater white Thunderbird..........classy all of the way. The Beach Boy song, " She'll have fun fun fun, til her Daddy takes the T-bird away" was so true for me.

So who were your favorites of your youth?

I don't know why I thought of all of this.........goodness if I start trying to figure that one out it will take days............

Have a good and giggle............


PEA said...

Hi Mary Ellen:-)

Such a fun post! I don't remember watching the Mickey Mouse club but only because I'm not even sure if we got that show here in Canada back then!! I do know who Annette Funicello is though:-) Hard to believe she's was so sad the day she announced she had MS. My favourite movie of hers was Beach, Blanket, Bingo with Frankie Avalon:-) All of their Beach Party movies were fun!

As for the Beatles, George Harrison was always my favourite:-) I still love listening to their music to this day. I also get a kick out of Ringo, as you say, he's got a terrific sense of humour. xoxo

Obe's said...

Wow that's reaching back a ways..... brings back memories for sure,RINGO alll the way baby!!!
I had a fan club at the ripe old age of 12, my father was not a happy camper about it.....LOL!!
Ahhhh those were the days!!
Diane at Crafty Passions