Thursday, November 13, 2008


I don't like to exercise........the end. Shoot, I couldn't let you off that easy, nope, I will go on to share my feelings. Trust me, I KNOW I am not the only person in the world that feels the way I please stand up and be counted.

First......when people say "Oh I had such a good work-out." What does that mean? I joined a gym when we first came to San Antonio and I signed up with a trainer............well once I couldn't afford the trainer and I had to go and be on my own, I stopped going. Oh yes, I have quit the gym.........I was only going for the companionship of the trainer.

I can go and walk the treadmill, do the machines and the whole time I am there I won't speak or be spoken to, the whole time. It's not that I don't want to talk.....I would love to visit with someone, find a person that will commit to going to the gym with me...........but I must be sending off the secret scent of "don't come near me....first I am overweight and second I am anti-social."

That's another thing, where are all of the over-weight people? When I go to the gym, I see all of these beautiful fit and healthy humans.........old and young. I do not see any chubby whubby again, why would I want to put myself out there? Being over weight isn't like being nominated for an award........people tend to shy away from you.

When I see the lady in this picture, I admire her.......she has fortitude, self-confidence and the drive to improve herself. I went to the gym for over a year and a half and I truly never felt any different. I didn't. Ok, at a certain age the skin is going to lose it's elasticity, but trust me, nothing firmed up......zilch.

My daughter is a runner.......she gets up at dark thirty every morning and runs........she is going to run in the Rock and Roll San Antonio Marathon this coming Sunday.......and I am so proud of her. This isn't her, but I don't have a picture of her running......I'm asleep at dark thirty.My sil goes to the gym five or six times a week....the same gym that I went to. He has met more people that I can count on my fingers and toes..........and he has a very nice muscled body. So what happened to me?

For a while I wanted to buy a old fashion bike, the kind that I use to have on the top of my brakes, big seat, big balloon tires.........I use to love riding a bike when I was kid.........but again I thought it through. How often would I really use it? The cost. And now as we approach our moving time, moving something that was mine........ok, I know everyone else in the family has a bike, and I have never seen either of my grown-up kids on theirs since we got here, but trust me, it would be my bike that would set us over the limit of tonnage!!!!

So as I go round and round with the topic of exercise, I just have to admit, that I have never liked exercising, do not understand the phrase " that was a good work-out" and in my heart I am not alone.

Have good day......and if you exercise, do a few push-ups or weight lifts for me..........please


Obe's said...

I hate to exercise too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't mind walking but exercise nope never was a big fan ! Did you know that you sweat when you exercise!!!!!!!
To answer your question yes puffed rice is a cereal,same as puffed wheat,I just eat the puffed rice out of hand instead of salty chips or chocolate etc...yup a few carbsbut not that bad really and 2 handfull is negligable.
The perfume making was fun to start but in doing it burned the inside of my nose I had such sinus problems I had to stop, but I did learn a lot,like what is in perfume its incredible!

weightlossblogger82 said...

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