Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm offfffffffffffff

Well not until 7 pm tonight.......but I am packed........well not the last minute items.......oh shoot, whatever I leave with, I leave with and what I forget......well they have Wally Worlds everywhere, right? This will be the first time that I have ever traveled on the Thanksgiving holiday....have done Christmas traveling lots and lots and that is always a test

of ones patience and smile-ability (I know, my famous smile thing comes back to bite me you know where!!!!) If all goes well I will arrive in Albuquerque NM around 11pm and will have snored my fellow passengers into a state of total annoyance or laughter....I try to stay awake, I do, really I do. The minute I get into almost any mode of transportation that I am not actually steering, my eyes get heavy and off I go.....which ALWAYS brings on the wonderful sound of snores. Now I am polite......I always ask whoever is stuck with me in the assigned seats to jab, poke or do whatever is necessary to wake me up if I do start to snore.........shoot no one ever has.........sigh. How do I know that I snored? Oh you know, just look at the people around you, they either have that funny look on their face like "Oh wait until I share this story with my wife/husband.....Aunt Mabel and Uncle Harold......the office." OR, it is the look of they would like to personally sue me for ruining their time on the plane. I understand this......I do. In fact once I was on a flight that I never did nap and there was a snorer........I giggled like a silly school girl. Oh well, life goes on.

I will have posts tomorrow and all of the days through check back........please......and say a prayer for me if you like........a prayer for patience because I am the 9th person in the 38th row to the left.
Can you see me? Yup, that's me, the little over-extended in girth Nana with the red leather jacket on.........

I hope that everyone has a few minutes to be thankful in their own way.......whether it be while they are cooking, holding loved ones, working, a nice brisk walk........however you like to celebrate. I am thankful for all of you for coming and reading, commenting and sharing your lives with me and others........have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

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PEA said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones and have a safe trip:-) We Canadians celebrated it in October and now I'm tempted to cross the border so that I can celebrate it all over again and have some turkey! hehe You had me in giggles with your snoring story...I don't know which is worse, drooling or snoring! lol xoxo