Monday, November 17, 2008

Yakety Yakety

I have no idea where I found the above picture........or how it was made.......I just know I like the colors and the feeling of's makes me feel a mixture of melancholy and light hearted skipping........quite the combo, huh?

I told you that I would share some info on the rock ' n roll marathon that my daughter participated in. Well, I now know that she ran 1/2 marathon..........ok. Her time was 2 hours and 42 minutes.........minus 17 minutes for potty breaks. Guess the lines to the potties were long.

Participants represented all 50 states and Washington, D.C., and 18 countries. When she arrived home, the only thing that she said that hurt were her hips. Pretty darn proud of her.
There is a discrepancy of the number of people that actually ran and signed up........"they" say that 30,000 signed up, but the "official theys" said that 25,000 people actually participated. Jenn said that there were 33 'sets' (?) of a 1000 or so people released at different intervals and all in all the course was quite doable, until the end, which is like all just gets jammed up..........I truly don't think you can do a thing about that.

Now I hope that I can embed the link to this next bit of scatterbrain info. Sprint has developed this site called NOW. Am I the only one in the world that didn't know about this? Nope, my daughter hadn't heard of it either. It was in the newspaper today. The Web widget called, simply, "NOW" offers a strangely addictive stream of unrelated data: from the number of sticky notes manufactured, to new cases of malaria, to tonnage of eggs produced. All of this is accompanied by the eerily disembodied voice of an unseen woman. It reminds of the the voice that the old time sci fi movies had for robots or space ship voices...........well of course I had to go and find it.......and I did. It's kinda cool ahhh, it didn't come out likable.........sorry.

Will share one other tidbit........and this one really had me wondering at 5 and 7. Remember the list didn't say for people that were lactose intolerant or allergies.........just labeled as:

10 Hardest-to-digest foods.

1. Fried chicken nuggets

2. Food seasoned with peppers

3 Chocolate

4. Citrus juices

5. Mashed potatoes ??????

6. Raw onion

7. Ice cream ??????

8. Broccoli and raw cabbage

9. Beans

10 Sugar-free gum

source: Hmmmm, who am I to question, but if we don't question things, we will be led to the ends of the earths and wondering how we got there........

I hope your day has been good so far.........I actually had to wear socks this a.m............yikes!!!! Now of course I could slip them off, but just to darn lazy. Share a just has the most wonderful after affects.

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PEA said...

Congratulations to your daughter for participating in that marathon! Wow, I can't believe all the people who participated, that's quite a crowd:-)

I had never heard of that Sprint web site either...I just went to check it out, how cool! lol Even tells you how many babies are being born!! I've bookmarked the page so I'll go back to it when I have more time:-) xoxo