Wednesday, December 10, 2008

here i am again...........

I am like the distant relative that drifts in and out of your life lately. I wake each morning with such good intentions of getting this and that done.............end of day, I am tired, yet very little has been marked though on my list..........just about to the point of "what gets done, gets done."

Well I don't think the Christmas card blog was a hit.........hope this one is's wrapping Christmas presents...........there is a knack. Here are actual instructions on how to wrap.........ok, but it could be handy for some..........

Difficulty: Easy
Things You’ll Need:
Wrapping Paper
Scotch Tape
Present that you wish to wrap
Possibly a bag (used for certain presents)
Possibly a box
Step1 The shirt can be folded or put into a box Alright, to start wrapping a present, you will need to determine what the present is. Pretty easy. Now, if it is a shirt or something small and flexible, then you will either want to put it in a box or fold it into a small square. This can be done with little difficulty. See picture.

Step2 Make sure the wrapping paper can be folded across the present halfway Now that you have that done, set the gift aside and pull out the wrapping paper. Depending on the size of the gift, pull out a sheet of wrapping paper that, when folded over the present, reaches about half way across the present. See picture.
Step3 Present inside the wrapping paper. Now you place the present UPSIDE DOWN on the sheet of wrapping paper. This is important, so make sure you do it. Then fold the sides of the wrapping paper over halfway or more and tape it to the gift. (Note: if the gift should not be taped, tape the wrapping paper together.) Now you should have something that looks like this.
Step4Here comes the hard part. You will want to do these next two steps one after the other.

Step5 Fold the end into two triangles Take the end that was sticking out, not the part with the present in it, and fold it like in the picture. This should make you end up with something like a pointed arrow. DO THIS WITH BOTH SIDES. See picture for detail.
Step6 Fold up and onto the present. Then tape it. Now take that "pointed arrow" you just made and fold it up and onto the present. Then tape it there. Now you should have something that looks like the picture. DO THIS ON BOTH SIDES. Step7Now all you need to do is pick up the present, flip it over and your done. Now you can see why you put the present in there upside down. This is so the tape and wrapping do not show and so that the present is right side up when they open it. It is neat and showy.

Step8Since I am not a expert on how to wrap lopsided things, I can not give you perfect advice. However, here are some tips you can use: You can put the gift in a box, then wrap. If the gift is round, you can either attempt to wrap it, or if that is unsuccessful(don't worry, you wouldn't be the first person) just put it in a bag and put some tissue paper over it.

Now for pictures of actual wrapped gifts........oh one year I went all out.........I mean I had someone teach me how to do the big fluffy bows, I did tole painting on brown wrapping paper......they were so special........oh I don't mean that to sound "wonderful me", but it did look like a picture in a was one year and such a wonderful memory.........tee hee.

Here are some photos that I found that I thought were pretty..........

isn't this total white wrapping just cool..........I would never have thought of this..........but I sure do like it.

I really really really like the one above..........if I received this, I would just look at it forever........take a picture and share it with all of you............

don't you just love the red and green of the packages above.......and see the box that was really isn't that big, but that makes it even more special.

lots of color here........I like them.........

have no idea what or how this decoration is done........but isn't it cool?

Ok, I know this is a loaf of bread (which would be a lovely gift to me) but I love the natural coloring of the paper........I really like the brown wrapping paper with either red or green raffia, or little twigs of holly leaves tucked in the bow.........but I couldn't find any to share.........hope you found some inspiration for Christmas wrapping.........I know I did........

Hope your day was happy.......mine was busy and I shared smiles with some it when I get one back.........

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