Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday tipping aid.........

I am a lousy tipper........oooops, that isn't correct.......I just don't ever know what the correct amount is.........and I hate doing the % thing.........mostly because I am not that quick or good at first I do the 10% and then whatever that amount turns out to be, divide it in half so I get 5%, so together it is a minimum of 15%. Isn't 15% the going rate? Of course if I recieved fabulous service I am generous and poor sevice........well I have no problem leaving a dollar bill......sorry. I ran across this article on the internet and thought I would share it with you. It is from the REAL SIMPLE magazine..........
AssistantTip or Gift? Gift.
What to Give: A gift or a gift card of $50 or more (separate from any end-of-year bonus). The value should reflect your position in the company as well as how long the assistant has been with you.What to Consider: Avoid perfume and clothing, says Hilka Klinkenberg, founder of Etiquette International, a business-etiquette firm in New York City. “If it touches skin, it’s too personal for the office.”
Babysitter, NannyTip or Gift? Gift and tip.
What to Give: For a regular babysitter, cash or a gift equal to one or two nights’ pay. For a nanny, one to two weeks’ pay plus a gift, ranging from something your child made to a generous present.What to Consider: Give a gift she wouldn’t buy for herself, like a designer handbag, says Patricia Cascio, president of the International Nanny Association. Avoid kid-related presents; your nanny needs a break, too.
BossTip or Gift? Gift.
What to Give: It’s not necessary to give your boss a gift, says Klinkenberg. But if you do, make it small and simple (less than $50), like a Fred Flintstone cookie jar you found on eBay if she is a fan.What to Consider: Give a group gift instead. “I prefer that everyone chips in a small amount,” says Klinkenberg. “Then it’s a token of appreciation, not a bribe.” Take her to a group lunch at her favorite restaurant.
Day-Care Staff Gift and tip.
What to Give: A tip or a gift in the amount of $25 to $70. If only one person takes care of your child, give in the upper end of the range. Multiple employees? Give $25 to $70 each.What to Consider: Cash and gift certificates are most popular. But take the time to add a card, says Laurie Kaufman, program director for All Aboard Childcare, in Ossining, New York.
Doorman, Superintendent, Building StaffTip or Gift? Tip.
What to Give: From $20 to $100 each. A November 2005 Consumer Reports survey found that the average doorman tip given during the holiday season was $50.What to Consider: It’s OK to play favorites. “Tip according to how much the doorman does for you,” says Peter Bearman, author of Doormen
Hairstylist, Manicurist, Salon StaffTip or Gift? Gift and tip.
What to Give: If you’re an infrequent customer getting a holiday trim, double your usual tip. If you’re a regular client, give a tip or a gift equal to one visit.What to Consider: If your stylist is a friend, give a more personal gift. “I’ve gotten wine, baked goods — even silver and crystal,” says Mark Goodman, owner of Hair Designers salon, in Hilton Head, South Carolina.
House Cleaner, Gardener, Pool CleanerTip or Gift? Tip.
What to Give: A tip equal to the cost of one service, or a week’s pay if your housekeeper or gardener comes more often.What to Consider: If your pool is closed for the season, or if you use a service that sends someone different each week, you don’t need to tip for the holidays.
Letter Carrier, Package CourierTip or Gift? Tip.
What to Give: You’re not expected to give anything. But if you have a personal relationship with your letter carrier, or frequently receive packages from the same courier, give a small gift or a gift card for $20 or less.What to Consider: U.S. postal carriers cannot accept cash or checks in any amount or gifts worth $20 or more. FedEx doesn’t allow cash or a gift worth more than $75. UPS does not have a policy on accepting tips.
Newspaper CarrierTip or Gift? Tip.
What to Give: A tip equal to one month of the subscription price. If your carrier doesn’t leave a self-addressed envelope, most companies allow you to include a tip when you pay your bill.What to Consider: Paperboys (and girls) are all grown- up. According to the Newspaper Association of America, these days 80 percent of carriers are adults. So give more than just ice cream money.
Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Massage TherapistTip or Gift? Gift and tip.
What to Give: A tip or a gift equal to the cost of one session, if it’s someone you see regularly (especially if she visits your home). If you take group classes or go infrequently, you don’t need to tip.What to Consider: Avoid giving decadent foods to health-conscious instructors, says Karin Schmidt, a personal trainer in San Francisco, “because they’re just going to give it to someone else.”
TeacherTip or Gift? Gift.
What to Give: A handwritten thank-you note or a small gift costing less than $25. Gifts are less common in middle and high school, because students tend to have five or more teachers.What to Consider: The national PTA interviewed teachers and found thank-you notes ranked as their favorite gift; edible treats were the least desirable. Gift cards for bookstores and coffee shops also rated well
Did that help anyone? I think I liked the teacher one the best.......they truly do enjoy a thank-you note.......I like that.......and a gift certificate to StarBucks, well goodness that, to me, is a real treat.
Hope you have a good, I have my presciptions now, so I am smiling more easily.


Jeanne said...

Mary Ellen, this is a great guide for tips. I was glued to the info. Tips are always a question for me too. Your method is exactly what I do too. Bad service does not get rewarded from me either. There are too many nice people that provide good service.. No excuses!!

You are in my give-a-way for today. I hope you are lucky.


Mary Ellen said...

Jeanne, I am glad you liked the article. I do hate to do something like this on my blog...well wouldn't want to do it all of the time, but some articles just seem to me, need to be shared.....egads, if that isn't a run on sentence I don't know what is!!!! Tipping is such a quandry for me.....and then I wonder when I tip poorly..."did this person receive bad news today? Did they just get word of a terrible illness? Are they worried about a sick child at home?" Egads, just confirms it, I should never run for political office!!!!!