Thursday, January 29, 2009


I couldn't remember if I had used this handsome fella or not...........and to be so brutally honest, I was just to darn lazy to search back through January's posts to see if I, so far this year is starting out rather rough for me...........I have confessed that I am slow, to lazy to look at some of my older posts, computer challenged......oh and as always, can't seem to remember much either...........oh well, honesty is the best policy.......right?I love cowboys. No, not your Saturday night dress up and pretend cowboy, but the real thing. I was married to a cowboy for a long time, and even tho' we are no longer together, he can still turn my head. When someone like me, sees a man dressed in western wear, oh be still my heart!!!!!!!!
Nice pressed jeans, a clean and ironed shirt, good solid cowboy boots, belt or suspenders, maybe a kerchief, but always always a hat.........hats alone will take another whole post. The photo above shows that a true cowboy only gets better with age.........

Either of these fine gents would turn my head......oh not that they are handsome, and to me they both are, but they are dressed so neatly. A cowboy doesn't always have time to spiff up on an everyday me, I know. Yet, when a special occasion comes along, or church on Sunday, these gentleman clean up ever so nicely.
A cowboy's morals are steadfast. He will take on any job given to him and will not quit until it is accomplished to the best of his ability.......much to the patience of his wife or me, I've spent a whole lot of time alone and waiting. They truly never look for trouble, but if it finds them, they will face it head on, with courage and dignity. He is there to help a neighbor or a total stranger. A cowboy knows when a woman, child or a man of the cloth is around and will bite his tongue so he won't offend them with his rough language. His vocabulary can be a little slower or not as elaborate as someone with an education from school, but you can trust that it is true..........sometimes painfully true.

A cowboy of any age will make me turn my head; they will make me find my camera and snap a picture; better yet, if I am feeling feisty I will get up my courage and ask to have my photo taken with them..........God love the cowboy.........and thank goodness they are surviving.

Now I just couldn't do this post without including one of the famous Wrangler photos.........
I won't ask if you have smiled today...........if you are reading this, you are smiling........tee hee.

Hey I am going to ask a favor........I am so pleased that I have seven people signed up for the give-away, but if you could spread the word the closing time is tomorrow at midnight.........thank you

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Cacties said...

Maybe your love for them will inspire some other ladies to appreciate real Cowboys.

We have some great western wear sure to make the fellas dressed to impress.

Here's to cowboys!