Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Anyone have any snowpeople graphics, art work or clip art that they want to share? Come on, help an ole' lady out........only have a few more days until the end of can send them to me via my email if you like.......puleeeeeze.

Dawnie, I am writing this to first I looked and looked to see if you had an email listed so I could write to you personally........failed at that Nancy Drew adventure. I then thought about writing to you on your blog, but could just see the looks on the other reader's faces....."what the heck is she talking about?"........ The picture on the top of my blog was taken on my vacation last year to VT and MA. This particular photo was taken aboard a ferry that we took out of Cape Cod to Nantucket. Man I love back east.

Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face.
— Victor Hugo

I know, I know, I am hung up on smiles, laughter,'s me, it's who I am....along with about another 167 known quirks and annoying habits..........what happen to that saying "and the truth shall set you free"? I know the truth about my weaknesses and it sure hasn't set me free...I do like to hear people laughing
Come on now, doesn't this picture at least put a wee bit of a smile on your face? Aren't you wondering what they are laughing about? The little girl above , now this laughter is the purest in the world.........the world of innocence and sheer joy in being alive. My oldest grand daughter has the most "start down in the bottom of her tummy and grow and grow until it spills out" laugh that you want to hear. Truly, if you are with her and she laughs, you can't help but either laugh with her or smile at the sound...........

These two pictures add another whole dimension to laughter. The laughter of those of us who have been around the block a few times. Oh I know, some of us are set in our ways, some of us don't catch on to some of the new mechanical what! When we laugh, we laugh. I remember seeing a group of "mature" ladies once at a function........they were laughing and carrying on, I really really wanted to go over and join them.........they were having a whole lot more fun than I was at the time..........
Here is a picture and the small quote that I found with it.
Tough economic times and the perpetual threat of layoffs are gnawing away at our collective funny bone. “It’s a natural tendency for some folks to tighten up during tough times, but we need to lighten up,” warns Joel Goodman, founder of The Humor Project Inc.

When I was working at a certain company we laughed almost everyday........oh trust me, we had our moments of wanting to decapitate each other, but on the whole, we did laugh almost everyday. Times were good. Thinking that there aren't a whole lot of giggles and chuckles coming from some cubicles theses day.

Here is another article that I found..........
A Bombay doctor who says laughter is the best medicine has brought his message to Cambridge.
Dr Madan Kataria advocates regular breaks for yoga, deep breathing, and belly laughs, with or without jokes to prompt them.
He is due to present a seminar on his philosophy at Cambridge Regional College.
Dr Kataria, known as the "Guru of Giggling", told BBC Radio Cambridgeshire that his regimen calls for people to laugh "initially as a form of exercise".
Faking it
"We devised a new method where you can laugh without any humour or without any reason".
He believes the "fake it until you make it" approach helps people fool their bodies into believing the laughter is a real indicator of happiness, which he says offers physical and psychological benefits.
Dr Kataria advocates laughter to relieve stress, strengthen the immune system, and to make people look and feel younger. He has established hundreds of "laughter clubs" around the world.

Ok, so if you have to attend a seminar to learn how to laugh.............GO!!! Do not hesitate to sign up.........sell your treasures items on eBay and go...........almost every situation has humor in it..........seriously. On the one and only time that we all traveled together as a family, we crashed landed, in the middle of winter, with snow up to and beyond our tushes. I looked across the aisle at my then husband, and honest to Pete, his eyes were bigger than hockey pucks. He looked at me and said " I am never going to fly again!" Ok, you have got to know me...........I truly and honestly tried to let it go, BUT...........and so I replied " If the pilot isn't good, you may not have to worry about that decision." and then I started to giggle........well then I started to pray too.......
I know I sign off the same way each and every time I write...........I probably always will.......bear with me............when you think about it, I could be encouraging you to do lots worse things than smiles and laughter...........psssssst, did you laugh yet today?


Obe's said...

I love this post!!!
I have lots of winter fun pics I will send you lots in your email.
Diane at Crafty Passions

Peggy. said...

Just the other day my mom and I heard my 3yr old niece laughing from another room and we couldn't help but laugh ourselves. No sound is sweeter than a child laughing.
I have a couple of pics of snowmen for you.