Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not much happening here........

Well I can't believe I am saying this, but I am think I will run out of snowpeople art to share with you before the end of the can that be? Again, this art work was done by Melissa B, whose last known residence was in FL. If anyone knows her and is still in contact with her, could you send her over.........I truly want to share with her how my life has changed....she was so supportive for so long.

Well, there really isn't anything super out of the ordinary going on right now........other than I got up early, dragged out of my bedroom, talked to my daughter and sil for a wee bit, went back to my bedroom, read a few pages and zappo whappo, woke up 2 hours later..........holy mackanolie......I am becoming a sleep magnet!!!!! Ok, I don't look that cute when I am me, even in my own magical world there is some reality.

When I say that there isn't anything super out of the ordinary going on right now..............I truly and from the bottom of my not complaining. These types of days in my family are called 'Dick and Jane' days.
How many remember Dick and Jane? Oh Sally, Puff, Spot and Mother and Father too? Man that was some good reading. Dick and Jane days are just no excitement, no crisis, no unexpected drama or adventure. Days that you get up, do your daily routine and go to bed and life was just nice. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Dick and Jane days.........nothing. Truly, if we didn't have Dick and Jane days, how would we know when we were having a glorious, over-the-hill full of sunshine day, or 'gasp' a poopy day..........we wouldn't. So hats off to Dick and Jane.
Hey before I drift off into my Saturday...........has anyone seen that commercial, where the lady is shopping in this quaint little's almost like a Harry Potter type store..........and she buys hugs, contented sighs, kisses? I love that commercial.......I do. I like the man that is behind the counter..........I want to find that store. Shoot, financially I couldn't probably purchase anything, and why would I, most everything that is being sold is for free, but I would like to go in there and just stand.........ok, back to reality...........

I use to do so much crafting and when I took a bazillion hours and transferred my A files or floppy discs over to my computer, I made a whole folder of the things that I use to make..........I did a lot of is one of them. In case you can't read what it says

'Follow your heart, it knows where it's going".

I grabbed this piece of muslin out of my material scrap bag (which I gave away to one of my dearest friends........and trust me, she has put that HUMUNGOUS plastic tub to good use) and put the saying on and painted away the little design......shoot I have no idea why I stuck this in here..........but I think I will do that every once in awhile. It would be fun to share some of my creations from long long ago.

Ok, try to smile and giggle today.....


Dawnie said...

Hello! I finally made it there. Your naps are amazing-lol. Whenever I lay down to nap-I do into the deepest sleep and wake up and think OMG its gotta be hours...NEVER, NEVER more than 15 minutes tops. but since its such a deep sleep-it really works great!

You have a cute blog..cute graphics.

Holly said...

We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine1 Ha-ha! Thanks for the memory!