Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Something useful.........

I went missing yesterday.........honestly, I was still trying to figure out how to work some of the computer sites I found and were suggested to me.........sigh.........yes, I was missing, and it was for the better, as when I was found..........well, hmmmmm, I wasn't a nice lady. I am so uneducated, challenged and I think the best word is scared of these sites.........What if: i lose everything......what if: i freeze up the screen?......what if: what if:. Ok and I do not like to admit this, but if I don't pick up something and pick it up quickly and correctly........well, I have this total sense of failure..........what can I say.......I know myself. I am working on this......I am

I found a cool site for everyone........it's free and I am thinking it could be useful to many of you and for many reasons. It is called http://www.librarything.com/home . You can go to this site and it lets you categorize and catalog your books. You can create a "virtual shelf" with the covers of books you've been reading, or make a list with tags and information about how other users relate to a particular book.

I love this photo.......old books, flowers and a beautiful (what looks like to me) pewter bowl. The Zeitgeist section shows you how books are behaving across the site, with lists of top authors and books, most reviewed books, and more. You'll see users who own the same books as you and find out what they recommended. You can, of course, opt to display your personal library collection on your blog too. I haven't found that one yet......well I haven't listed my books yet.

Truly I don't "have" that many books...........I read lots and lots of fiction and buy them at the second hand book shop. It's a good deal.......I have started a little collections of quilting and jewelry making books, so I am thinking of doing this for them. I think I would like to try and list books after I read them too..........so I remember if I read them. I know, but sometimes I do forget the title of a book..........I do.

Well, thought some of you might be interested in this site.......

I love old books.........and I know this is going to sound funny, but to hold them and wonder......."who bought this and for what reason? Did anyone ever actually read it? How and why did it end up here?" I would like to find some old books that are falling apart.........so if and when I get back to making cards I have them to use on them and then, if I EVER get to make the paperdolls, it would be fun to incorporate some of the old pages into those also. Will have to check around.

Hope your day is going well.........I seem to be behind again.........well spent the week-end and then part of Monday on the computer and that will put you behind, won't it. Hope you can smile today........took Andrew to a play day with his little buddies from pre-school.........seeing the three of them together and being just silly four year old boys, sure put a smile on my face.


Obe's said...

It isin't easy being computer savy, I think because we didn't have them growing up like kids now.
I have learned a lot but its all thanks to my son, who works with them every day, he is a senior programer,what he dosen't know could fit in a thimble. He is also my personal assistant!! LOL

Dawnie said...

i've been using the computer for 10 years and I'm tellin ya--I'm still not very good at it and I have reached my limit of what I want to learn on it. Its very frustrating and before you know it--its been hours. So i stick to what I know and do well..the rest i let my husband or kids do it.

Mary Ellen said...

Oh Dawn, no husband and the the children I live with are truly busy and I know one of them doesn't know how to do what I want to learn and the other, well let's say it's better when we don't try to work together.....tee hee. So I am struggling alone, and who knows, if I do ever learn to do what I want, it will mean more to me.....well it's a thought at least.

Jeanne said...

Hi Mary Ellen, I definitely am computer challenged. I never used a computer until I started blogging. There are lot of us out here who are learning as we go. Trust yourself, it looks like you are doing fine.

My father-in-law logged every book he ever read. It was many pages.

Thank you for your visit and comment this morning. I appreciate comments so much.

Keep up the good work.


Smilingsal said...

Even better, is a site


It does the same thing as Librarything, but allows you to put your shelves on your blog. I've got them on mine if you'd like to see what they look like. (I belong to both groups.)