Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Today's snow guy is a little blurry.......he was just an itsy bitsy graphic, so tried to make him a wee bit bigger......I like the word at the top "cheerio!"

Ok, towels..........so many pretty ones out there.
Tho' I am starting to realize that the trend now and for the last few years is to go towards solid colors instead of patterns. Oh I remember when the patterns were the "hot " item to have. Well today is isn't about color or pattern but about folding them.

Ok, I know I did the thing about wrapping a present over the holidays.......no one said yea or nay on the topic........but this subject was brought up so innocently on Saturday when I went to visit a friend. I don't have that many friends in Texas, I just haven't put myself out there to make them........sad, huh?..........ooops, I wandered again. Any ways, this friend mentioned something about folding towels and how she liked them folded a certain way. At the time I didn't think a thing of it........and then I did think about it driving home.

What is wrong with me that I don't care how a towel is folded........man I am definitely not an A type person am I? So I went on line today and found the following ways on "how to fold a towel"

This one in particular cracked me up........look it even rates the difficulty of the task.........EASY.

Difficulty: Easy
Things You’ll Need:
Bath towels
Remove bath towels from the dryer and place them in a stack on a large flat surface table to fold.
Take one bath towel at a time from the stack. Hold it out and "snap" it to make sure it is nice and straight.
Fold it over once from the top to the bottom. Now, fold it from side to side.
Starting at the top, with the fold to the right, fold the bath towel into thirds.
Repeat Steps 2 through 4 for the rest of the bath towels, one at a time.

OK, did you get the first step "take them out of the dryer".........it's like the English assignment that you are required to write on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich..........I remember one kid.....and she got an A+ too.......went all the way to "Making the jelly and peanut butter and bread" (gag - gag) .........ok, I wandered again.

Well no the search was on.......here are some more and different instructions........

Hold a towel lengthwise, or lay it on a large flat surface such as a table. Fold the towel in half. If the towel has a right and wrong side, keep the right side out.
Fold the towel in half again, folding in the same direction as you made the last fold.
Now, fold the towel into thirds.
Your towel is folded neatly and correctly.
If you do not want any edges showing, simply fold each end into the center of the towel for step one. Continue with the additional steps as written

Hold on, there are more. Oh and these will give you "STORE QUALITY" folds....holy mackanolie, now people are worried about store quality folds in their homes???? I am just not the good and conscientious home maker of 2009, am I.

1. Bath Towels and Bath Sheets
2. Hold towel by corners on the same side of the shorter edge.
3. fold 2/3 the way to the other end. The area not "covered" will be approximately the result size of the folded towel
4. take the end facing you (the rounded or curved end) and meet that edge to the newly created edge at the 2/3 mark.
5. Fold again so the 1 layer is over the other layers
6. Take rectangular shape and fold into 3

A totally silly blog........silly is good some of the time. So how do you fold your towels? Do I think that the quality of life depends on the "correct" way of folding a towel..........shoot you know the answer to that one.........do I still love and care about my friend who made the comment on towel folding..........you bet I do...........probably even more because she stirred up this silly blog.......will world peace depend on how towels are stacked in your linen closet.............hello? Ten years from now will anyone even remember this blog............not thinking so. But seriously, how do you fold your towels?

I hope you smiled while reading this.......did you? Did you at least smirk.......smirking is a start......


Charmingdesigns said...

Thanks for coming by and leaving me a "not so original" idea.LOL About the towels...totally cracks me up...my mom HAD to have them folded just right or I would have to do them again...I could care less...my daughter...wont even let me touch her towel. They have to be SOOOO perfect...mine are a mess.lol. and a lot of times...we just take them out of the dryer (its in the bathroom) Thanks for a funny post

Phyllis said...

Hi Maryann,

I found you via Laurie's Charming Designs.

A lesson on towel folding??? Who knew there were so many ways - and store quality to boot!

I like my towles folded neatly and facing the same way, but that's the extent of it. I'm even getting a little slack about my own methods with towels these days - trying to keep up with all the wonderful blogs I've discovered!!!

Thanks for the laugh!

Betty said...

Came over from Laurie's blog...isn't she delightful?

Loved your post...folding towels as a career, eh?

I have a Leo sister living in San Antonio...I get down there about once a year...maybe we could meet in 2009. Meeting 'blog buddies' is such fun!

I'll be back to find out more about you.

ceekay said...

Folding towels....I know, cuz my mom had "her way". I don't care. Just make sure I have a towel nearby when I get out of the tub...I HATE when I forget and I drip my way to get one!
Great post! Just please, don't check my linen closet!!

Obe's said...

Ok I must be prissy.... God I never wanted to be... I just evolved into it..... I am turning into my Mother God love her...
I NEED my towels folded in a certain way , the weave all have to match up when I put them away,I like my cutlery all to spoon in the drawer too,except knives I forgive them...tell me am I Prissy?? am I nuts???
Honest to goodness its only those two things... well maybe my tea towels too.. but I swear that's it.... well maybe my socks and undies too.. but really that's it ....LOL!!

Peggy. said...

That is so funny. I am like you I don't really care how it is folded as long as it is folded and on the shelf...not on the floor or piled in a heap ontop of the dryer.
When my kids were little whenever my mother in law would come over to babysit I would come home and find all of my towels unfolded and rolled in the closet. This drove me crazy (maybe because it was my mother in law) but she kept doing it...so I started unrolling and folding her towels when I went to her house (I know not nice). She finally got the message but now she steals my butter bowls...weird. Peggy

Margie said...

I love the detailed instructions! tee hee! I don't fold my towels, I roll them, only because they fit better where I have them stored. I'm not as fussy as to how they are rolled as I am about which color is beside which color. I'm like that with my plates and bowls too, they have to be stored in a certain color sequence, or it bothers me. I can have an inch of dust on the furniture, but I must have my plates and bowls and towels in a certain color order! tee hee! Weird huh?

Have a lovely day!
Margie :)


My linen closet is a mess so I needed this post today!!!
Growing up however, they had to be folded a certain way or we would be in bIG triouble!!!
Guess that is why I am a towel foldin' rebel at 43!!

*Noelle* said...

i love those blue floral towels. i am weird about how i fold my towels and washcloths; and no one can sit on the couch with me when i fold, it drives me bonkers!! see, we all have our own little quirks!!