Wednesday, February 18, 2009

4 year olds and mucus.........

I dropped off my little companion at pre-school and all is well. I stop and picked up my prescription re-fill papers, drive to the base, give them to the pharmacy tech and find a seat. I have done this process before, I am a wiser woman than the first time I went on this path. I have brought a paperback book. I always have a magazine in the car........always. It drives my daughter's me. I have to have(ok, so I don't HAVE TO - but wish to have) reading material available at all times. Now waiting at the pharmacy can be an author's dream; as is an airport. I am not a published author, but boy I wonder what the people would think if they knew the stories I have and do make up about them in my mind.............

I was driving to the pre-school, not enough time to go home and accomplish anything, not enough time to park and wander in a store..........and as I mentioned I had my paperback, the sun is shining and I still had water to I would sit in the mini-van and read, waiting patiently for my companion. AH, the cell phone rings, and it is the director of pre-school. Andrew isn't feeling like vomiting, no diarrhea, no fever, but he doesn't want to eat, he doesn't want to participate in activities......not Andrew.....he says he doesn't feel good. I am so happy that I was pulling into the drive-way of the parking lot when I received the call......went right in and picked him up...........there he was, just sitting like a little lost soul, while his classmates were dancing............nope, not Andrew. We gather up his backpack, sign out and head out to the car..........I'm waiting.........but not for long. What am I waiting for............well this is what I was waiting for.
Some type of reference to Mr. Mucus. My companion has adhered not feeling well to these rather nasty, yet colorful characters. He will share with you, how his head/stomach/stubbed toe/ bitten tongue/hang nail........all have "gween moo-cus". He seems to be totally enamored with these nasty looking creatures.
At the moment he is fighting taking a nap, but I am sure if I keep my strength up, he will drift off soon. I have explained that sleep helps the body move the "gween moo-cus" people out of our bodies. This helps............I hope so, as I do not like to see any of my family ill.
I did smile today..........chit chatted with another lady around my age at the base pharmacy.......they have CNN on the television there........something came up about the woman in CA that just gave birth to the eight babies. Oh my, this lady surely did have an opinion on this! She just had a solution and ideas all over the place........she was cracking me up...........I had to work very very very hard not to start to giggle, as I do believe she was quite serious with some of her ideas.............and some weren't that bad either.........tee hee.

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PEA said...

Awwwww poor little guy, I do hope that bad old Mr. Mucus moves out real soon!! Good thing you were right there when you got the call that he wasn't feeling well. So many people have colds and flu right now, 'tis the season.

Isn't it funny how some people have such strong opinions about things and aren't scared of saying them out loud? hehe I can just imagine what she was saying about that woman who just had 8 babies!!!! lol

Whenever I'm waiting, I also need to be reading something...even in the bathroom!!! lol xoxo