Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentines day......

On Saturday, after mass, my daughter and sil took the boys and I out to dinner. They treated us the The Melting Pot. I for one, had never been to this restaurant before......and oh what a delightful time we had. The service was super, our server was very personable and the food.........oh my goodness.......what can I say other than they could have rolled me out of there.

On the traditional Valentines Day, February 14th, sil and oldest grandson are going off for an all male bonding experience.........hunting.........oh be still my heart. My daughter and I are taking the youngest one to the following event

February 14, 10am - 2pm

Bring your Valentine to the Botanical Garden and enjoy luscious chocolate samples, hands-on kids activities, and more! Plus each visitor will receive a chocolate mint plant(while supplies last). Free with paid admission to the Garden.

The garden has promised the following flowers to be in bloom:Roses,
Desert Willow,
Mexican Olive,
Crape Myrtle,
Now I know what roses are (ooooo, aren't I smart?) Salvia, Crape Myrtle and wildflowers, but most of the others are new to me, well maybe I have seen them before, but didn't know their I am in hopes that I can snap lots and lots of photos............just a warning.
Not a whole lot to share........another Dick and Jane day here.........and as you know, I like those types of days.
Hope your day is proceeding nicely and you have had at least one opportunity to smile........mine came on the ride home from pre-school - out of no where comes this wonderful song " Mommy and Nana are cutie patooties." Now what more could a woman ask be some one's cutie patootie.


Dawnie said...

ohhh the Melting Pot is fabulous isnt it? I've eaten there a couple of times thanks to gift certificates from my children.

cuteartworld said...

I will be going for the first time when my mother-in-law arrives from Germany! I am so excited I have always heard great things about the melting pot!

PEA said...

Ooooh I would so love to go with you and your daughter to that Chocolate Day at the Botanical Gardens!! I love anything to do with chocolate! lol Make sure you take lots of pictures. I've never heard of the Melting Pot restaurant so I guess we don't have them here in my part of the world...drats! xoxo

faerie enchantment said...

They have a few melting pots by me, love them. and this day at the Botanical Garden mixed with chocolate, should be wonderful!

Magic and Joy!

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Well, I goofed the first one I deleted it!!

Oh Me Oh MY!! This is my long lost friend Mary Ellen!! So glad to see you!! So glad you entered my giveaway....tomorrow is the big picking day!!

How are you doing?? Life is crazy, my teenagers 18 & 17 (almost 19 & 18) still keep us hopping!!

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