Thursday, March 12, 2009

I received an award.....

I received this from Jan over at . Thank you Jan.

I am going to try and embed it onto my site, don't know if I can or not........sometimes I get it right and then other times I am just floating. The award comes with a request......

The rules are: List 7 things that you love and then pass the award on to 7 people...tagging them and letting them know they won! You can copy the picture of the award and put it on your sideboard letting the whole wide world know you are KReATIV!

1. All of my family......I have been blessed with some wonderful and supportive family......have some good laughers in the bunch too. Spell check said that there is no such word as "laughers" pbllllllttttttt!!! In my family there is!!!!!

2. Friends........some are newer friends, some are older, some are through the Internet.........but I am thankful for all of them and each one of them has a spot in my heart.

3. The ocean........

4. My Jan, I think I love mine toooooooo much..........

5. The movies..........the only genre that I am not into (and yes there truly are movies I wouldn't attend) are the horror, scary, chop you up type. It is amazing how many women I have met over the past years who really like, well I just know I would spill my popcorn and trust me, I sure don't want to waste popcorn, when I jumped every five minutes OR whoever sat beside me would be so black and blue from me squeezing them to stay home

6. Books and mother, rest her soul, told me as long as you had a book to read you would never ever be lonely. She then went on to add that even if you didn't have penny to your name you could have a library card and borrow books.

7. Pop corn and ice-cream........I am thinking they are in a food group all of their own............

Here are the seven ladies that I am going to pass this on too:

1. Dawn

2. Pea (thank you Pea for the info on the http thing....)

3. Amy

4. Lola

5. Joanne

6. Lori Check out her bubble pictures...sure looked like fun

7. Kim

Remember to smile.........


Obe's said...

Congratulations on the award ,I also love your list !!

PEA said...

That baby is just adorable and you can't help but smile looking at it:-) Congratulations on winning the well deserved award and thank you so much for passing it on to me! I'm touched that you thought of me. I will make my list as soon as I can:-) xoxo