Monday, April 27, 2009

Can you guess what I am doing?

We are in t he area in Texas that has had the three cases of swine flu. So far the cases have been in the high school and of the three, one is mending faster than the other two. Lucky for this young man, the other two cases had been reported already and his doctor was on the alert and started him immediately on meds. Our school district, in my opinion, wisely closed down all of the schools for a week. I have to admit that I will always side on the side of precaution......better safe than sorry. So where does this put me...............well I am homeschooling. Oh Daniel was so school, no school...........I didn't even blink, look to his parents for confirmation, nope........I just blurted out "So that means I am the teacher and you and I will have lessons together." Oh my goodness, I have never ever seen a balloon deflate so fast!
Then, and only with the mind of an 8 year old boy, he comes and stand in front of me..........ooooo, kinda like the scene in David Copperfield, when he asks for more porridge......."Nana, will we have recess?" Oh man, what can a Nana do, but hug him big time.
I haven't done lesson plans in ages, in fact I was scurrying on the Internet this morning looking up appropriate words for spelling, math, science and what book we would read...........think I have a handle on it now.........
Andrew's preschool is remaining open, because they are in a different school district, plus they are a private school also........but since two of the three teachers have children in our school district, they would be short of teachers and we all decided together to keep him home too.........
At first I was thinking of trips to the zoo and museum............hello!!!!!! Just hit me upside the head with a face mask! I have no idea why I thought we could go out and about - well I suppose some might, but in all honesty, the young and hmmmmm, more mature get hit the hardest......not that I am that mature.........but not taking the risk either.
So if you have an extra prayer for patience tucked into your pocket, would you mind putting my name on it - please.
I've smiled quite a few times already..........some of the ideas and thought patterns of children just make me happy.

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