Friday, May 1, 2009

T'is May, T'is May.........

T'is May, T'is May, the lovely month of May.........does anyone remember that line from a song in the wonderful musical Camelot? I have always loved this month.........I really don't know why.........maybe it's truly (in most areas) the first month of spring....or spring like weather.

The sun seems to be waking up and sharing itself with us........and the occasional rain that falls, well it just adds to that delicious smell of freshness..........and if you are lucky enough to have children in your home or live in a neighborhood with children.........sunshine and rain, well it just draws them out and their wonderful giggles and laughter just spill over with life.
Does anyone remember the old fashion practise of May baskets? Oh they were fun.........making them, getting all excited with the thrill of running up to the door, ringing or knocking on the door, leaving the basket and hiding. If you were lucky enough to have a hiding spot where you could watch the expression of the people who opened the door, well that was just the frosting on the cake.

These photos borrowed from the following blog

I have made many May baskets and have been blessed to receive them too..........both positions are special.
I do love the month of you have any special feelings about this enchanting and special month? A special memory that took place during this month? I would love to have you share your thoughts..........please.
Hey smile everyone..t'is May, t'is May


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