Saturday, July 11, 2009

Deadwood SD
While being with my children in Wyoming, we went to Deadwood, SD for a long week-end. Deadwood is full of history and the scenery, again to me, it is just breath taking. Now I have to admit that since I receive my camera I have become a total picture taking goof. I just love to snap and snap and snap and snap. I do seem to be fixated on nature, but I like taking other pictures too. So, while entering Deadwood, it was an overcast and foggy day........this time I was with my second daughter......she humored me a wee bit more than her elder sister, but then again, she isn't stuck with me 24/7 either..........she knew that sooner or later I would be leaving.

Tee Hee. Here is a photo of the fog...........

Here is a wonderful site to visit. This gives a good time line and some interesting facts about Deadwood and all of it's history.
The Black Hills of SD have such great history in them. Truly, when you approach this area, the hills truly do black instead of green because of the density of the forest.
I have always loved going to Deadwood.....The Days of 76, parade and rodeo, is a fun week-end and now they have types of events since the casinos have opened.

The reason that we went though is that my daughters and grandchildren were participating in a marathon that week-end. The grandchildren were doing theirs on Saturday and the adults on Sunday. My official role was to cheer on Saturday and watch grandchildren on Sunday........neither were hard to do. Here are photos of the grandchildren:
The girls before

The girls after:
My grandson, from Wyoming, also participated but since he hadn't done the required "pre-walking" he was in a different he is. I could almost swear I took one of him and his medal, but I can't find it on the camera anywhere.........sigh.

Well I just tried to find a picture of my daughters on line (man I do that all of the time, go off trying to find better pictures or more accurate information and lose track of time..........or become so fixated that I don't realize it would be better to just let it go.......sigh) and couldn't find it.......oh well they did complete it and I was terribly proud of my family.

I have no idea how I raised three such athletic minded children. Me, I am a sitter and cheerer oner........I have never ever like exercising and it shows!

Well today my oldest grandson is going to be in a play. The Missoula Children's Theatre is here on base and putting on the Wizard of Oz............our budding thespian is a Winkie......which is the equivalent of a Flying Monkey. Here is a link to their home page. If any of your children or grandchildren have any desire to act or try acting out, this truly is a wonderful experience for them.

Well I need to shower and get ready to need to tell you what I will be smiling at I will have pictures to share tomorrow........tee hee

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