Thursday, July 16, 2009

Little of this, a little of that....

If you read my blog you know I love flowers....well I love lots of things....but whenever I see beautiful flowers I just have to snap them. In the middle of winter, and let's face it, I am thinking I am going to experience LOTS of winter here, I will be looking at these pictures a lot. This particular barrel were taken at the Pioneer Park in Fairbanks. Here is a link to their site:

So while I was searching for this link, I came across an upcoming event
It's the annual bath tub race!!!! I am seriously thinking of packing up the boys and heading that direction on the 26th.....shoot I don't have to worry about night blindness that's for sure....tee hee. Read some of the rules for the race....they are funny.
One member will have to carry one large bar of soap, one must carry a washcloth, one will carry a bath towel and one a bath mat. Soap bubbles must be very apparent in the tub, if not overflowing the tub. All items must accompany the winning team at the finish line.
One member of the team must be situated in the tub with the appearance of taking a bath from the beginning to the finish of the race.
The bathtub must be full at the beginning of the race and have no less than one galloon remaining for the judges to inspect at the finish.
The Parade of Tubs line up and race course will be announced prior to the race.
This just sounds like fun to me......we'll see.

I was wandering yesterday in blog land and found a wonderful blog:
If you have a chance please go visit.....the photo taken on Tuesday will give you an idea of what our conditions have been on and off with the fires. Yesterday it was clear, well clearer than Tuesday. Today I woke up to fog over the lake..............oh, that' s right I haven't shared what a beautiful sight we have from our back windows......

Isn't it beautiful......I have always dreamt about living near some type of now another one of my dreams has come true. Can you swim in this lake? NO WAY!!!!! Someone shared the temperature of this man made lake with us and I just stood there with my mouth open.....I can't remember (add that to the list of things I can't remember) and truly doubted what this person was saying. So I questioned a few others and it was true.....chilly willy.

If you haven't smiled today or giggled, I hope this will pull those face muscles up

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