Friday, July 24, 2009

Look who came to visit

Each state in our great union is home to someone........and we are all proud of our homes, our towns and states.........which combined together makes this country one wonderful place to live. While growing up, I thought there was no place better than Michigan. Moved to Wyoming and found the wild west to my liking, all the while keeping my roots in Massachusetts. While I gave up my western ways and traveled to Florida and of course there was "my" ocean and was sad to leave after such a short stay........landed in Texas and was totally overwhelmed with the traffic in San Antonio and the intense heat, but I sure did fall in love with that town and surrounding area and the few people that I got to know there. So here I am in Alaska, and so far I am finding it beautiful and full of surprises...........the things that come to visit you are just amazing.

Arriving unannounced, this neighbored clomped none to gracefully right between our house and the neighbors.......the boys and I were out in the driveway and I was putting Andrew's helmet on his head so they could ride back to the area between the houses, but Andrew was facing this area and all of a sudden he totally screamed out "Moose, moose, moose!!!!!!" I almost knocked him unconscious, as I had the helmet in my hands putting it on his head and jerked around and of course the helmet with me..........poor child didn't even flinch. I told the boys to get into the garage and I ran (which is a cross between a heavy plod and clomping with a little skip added) into the house for the camera...........this is what I captured.

Mama moose and her two little calves. We have seen them before.......well I think they are the same ones. She wanders freely on the base and traffic stops for her and her little ones and we can be at a standstill for as long as she wants. Now with a forest full of trees and saplings, why did she chose this particular tree in the neighbor's yard, well I am sure she had her is a better photo
I do realize that getting to close to a mother moose and her babies isn't a wise thing to do...........I do. I always kept either a pick-up or an open garage close by, so I could get behind it and protect myself.........when these ladies charge........well no match for me. She was very gracious and my snapping and stupid grin didn't seem to bother her or her calves.........
To soon for me, she had finished her snack and was off to roam and enchant other humans.......I wonder how often she will come by - I hope often.
Yes that put a smile on my face and through my whole body........

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