Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lookee lookee

Oh look at me........aren't I happy........I am dancing the happy dance, I am singing the aria of all arias, I can post photos again.........I can. I finally took the little contraption back to the store where I purchased it and my memory card and what I plug it into and handed it to the young man and just asked for help. Help he was broke. The End. He kindly and nicely gave me a new one and I went skipping off with a much lighten heart.........well goodness, I felt that I was totally computer challenged trying to get this gadget to work.

So onto the photos.

Here is a short cut to the journal that I will be referring to. Let me show you a picture from the site..........

I have this wonderful friend in Wyoming who is a wonderful seamstress and quilter. I miss her so much. We have fun whenever we get together, share good times and bad and she is just darn special. Well I thought it would be fun to do this challenge from the site together - via long distance. She does not own a computer!!!! Ok I know this is unheard of this day and age, but she doesn't own one or a lap top either and has no desire to own one.........zilch. No matter how much I beg and plead with her........always a firm and solid........nope, nada, no way, not be it. So I am sending her a little package, along with a thank you note for a beautiful quilt that she gave me when I moved (remember I stopped in WY for a two week visit), her birthday card (she too is an August baby), the instructions for the journal AND this:

I sent her half of this fat quarter.........I have had this forever and a longer than that I think.........why.........because like so many other things, I like it and don't want to use it. Why? Well if I use it, then I won't have it to dream and drool over, to think of the wondrous things to create with it...........come on, some of you do the same thing, please say you do. Since she doesn't have a computer I will share with you what I pulled out of my stash to go with it. I am sure that I won't use all of it.
I know definitely that I will use the floral, again another fat quarter that I have kept and this photo it doesn't look so compatible with the hats, but in person it sure picks out some of the colors and just sparkles. I will use one of the purples and then decide on either the small pattern or the larger pattern in the coral hues.........I know when I get it done in 2011 I will share the finished project.........right now I am so happy that I can post photos again, that I might just have to get up and do the happy dance again........what, they reported a small earth quake near Fairbanks.........oh come on guys!!!!!!

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