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Lady Bug, lady bug

Ladybug Lore

"Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home
Your house is on fire, and your children will burn
All except for little nan, weaving gold laces as fast as she can"

Almost everyone knows that ladybugs bring good luck! Having one land on your hand is said to bring luck to you! The poem above is well known and was first sung back in the Midieval times in England. At the end of a harvest they would burn their crops to clear the land for new plants the following year. They sung the song to ladybugs still lingering, her children were the larvae which could escape by crawling away but the Nan was the pupa, who were fastened to plants and not able to move therefore burning. They sure didn't sing about happy things back then! Here are some more magical and wonderful beliefs about ladybugs from all around the world.

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Why are they called ladybugs?
The most popular story of how the ladybug got its name comes from the Middle Ages. In Europe swarms and swarms of insects were ruining crops everywhere. Farmers started praying to the Virgin Mary hoping she could help the crisis.
Soon, ladybugs showed up and started eating all of the insects and helped to protect the crops. The farmers called them Beetles of our Lady, because they believed the Virgin Mary had sent them to help. Eventually the name was reduced to Lady Beetles then Ladybugs. The red shell represented her cloak and the spots were symbols of her joy and sorrows.

Fun ladybug legends:

Ladybugs take ailments away!
If a ladybug lands on you in France, they believe it will take away any ailment you might have when it flies away.

Ladybugs can help you make your wishes come true!
If you have a ladybug on your hand and make a wish, whichever way the ladybug flies away will show you the direction that the answer to your wish will come from.

Ladybugs can understand our languages!
Some Asian cultures believe that ladybugs can understand human languages and are blessed by God.

Ladybugs tell us how many children we will have!
The number of spots on a ladybug in Brussels will tell the person holding it the number of children they will have!

Ladybugs bring babies to people!
In Switzerland the ladybug brings babies to people, just as the stork does here in the U.S.!

Ladybugs lead us to money!
If you find a ladybug in your house, count the spots and that will be how many dollars you will soon find!

Ladybugs cure toothaches!
A long time ago dentists would mash up ladybugs to cure a toothache. (Please don't try this at home!)

Ladybugs are good omens!
It was a good omen to find a ladybug in your cabin during the pioneer days.

Ladybugs foretell the future!
If a ladybug has more than 7 spots there will be famine, less than 7 and the harvest will be good.

Around the world ladybugs are good luck!
In every culture ladybugs are good luck! Killing or harming one will bring bad luck! So if you find one in your house, garden or on you, consider yourself lucky! Good things are coming your way

I hope this little blip about lady bugs helps you smile today..............

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