Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Jellies, and not the shoe type either.  I think this is one of my most favorite things in any aquarium, jelly fish.  These beauties float upside down and are the prettiest shades of white and beige.  The smaller ones do lift up and struggle to swim upward, and some do, but you can tell that it is so much work for them, they just surrender to mother nature and go back to the group.

I am not going to add many comments to this post, as the beauty of these magnificent creatures are more that words can share.

The jellies above, are what I would consider your run of the mill jellies, and yet there is nothing ordinary about them, they look so fragile and graceful.

The jellies below are so photogenic.  They weren't fast movers, and actually one or two of them hardly seemed to move at all.

Wonder what happened to this dudes tentacles?

Aren't the ruffles beautiful?  Have no idea how the ruffles all by themselves happened....

I finally realized that my grandson and I were the only members of the family left in the jelly we did another quick walk about and left to find the rest of the family.....easy find, they were seated in the small food court right outside..............but lo and behold, look what was there!


Today's blog:

It takes a lot of work from the face to let out a smile, but just think what good smiling can bring to the most important muscle of the body... the heart.  ~Author Unknown

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