Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last year I started doing something for a friend.  Each day I sent her a link to a new blog.  Each and every single day!!!!  Who knew that there were that many blogs out there - surely not me!!!!!  I was also feeling a wee bit guilty about letting my blog flounder and sink.  So, I came up with a (what was/is in my mind) the perfect solution.  I will continue to send my friend her private email containing the blog link and also post it here.............some days that will be all that is posted, just the blog link..............on other days, I will jabber jaw and share other things............but always I will share a blog link.   Oh, before I forget, I also send my friend each day a picture/photo/graphic.  In November it was Thanksgiving related, December was dedicated to Santa, and January I am doing snowmen.  I have no idea where I find these wonderful creatures, so sadly I am committing a huge internet sin, as I can't share the original location of the pictures....as of today, I will do better at that.  I will also send an email to the blog owners telling them that they have been posted on my blog......who knows, maybe I will make some new internet friends - that would be nice, wouldn't it?

Today's blog - January 1st

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