Thursday, January 10, 2013


Good morning.  The kids (my kids that is) are having the windows replaced in the entire house today.  Hoping to achieve more warmth in the winter and cooler in the summer.  All of the windows are the original, and this home was built in the 50s.  Hmmmm, looking at them now, I don't think that is right, as they look newer than what I can remember of the 50's windows.

I like windows and doors, while in Charleston this last November I took photo after photo of doors.  Before we moved from the rental home, I did a walk-about in that neighborhood and took pictures of doors there too.  I am addicted to windows also, sadly I have not learned to take pictures of windows without the glass glaring back on me......

There are so many styles, shapes, multi panes, picture, bay and I am certain many more descriptive words to tell the story of windows...........I am no expert, I just like them

Looking for a new blog to share with you and found this lovely........
What a wonderful blog ( I say that about most of them don't I? - Well get ready for me to repeat myself for the remaining of the year...........I share what I like and think is wonderful.....).  It has just about everything and this beautiful blog lady shares all of her ideas and how-tos.  Enjoy.

Doesn't this fella make your heart melt?  Hmm, guess melting isn't exactly a word that you should use in the same sentence as snowman!  Another cute project to inspire you for next year's homemade you make homemade ornaments? 
Like always, smile..........

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