Thursday, January 31, 2008


I wonder about time........where it goes. I know it was just here, it still is and I do dream of the future time, but just were does it get away from me? Ok, first I realize that at a certain time in our lives, that our bodies seem to, somewhat sneakily too, start to slow down.........yup it happens to the best of us. Trust me, I was one of the loudest "man, I am never going to just sit and watch televison, nope, I will always have something in my hands to work on." Well, I now sit and let that mindless machine let me swim in an abyss of nothingness. Plus the lighting at this house right now, excuse the expression, sucks!!! at least where the television is, and I do need good lighting. Time, ah yes, that is where I just seems to get away from, just like the rambling above, I start on one thing and end up doing about 14 other - which at the time seemed to be a do or die type of thing- and then suddenly I think "shoot, did I actually unload the dishwasher?"...........hmmm, speaking of time, here is something that I read yesterday and thought is was an interesting piece of trivia.

Pez candy tablets, now famous for the dispensers they're sold in, started in Austria as breath mints and sold in tins. Spring-loaded despensers were added in 1948 ( a good year for some of us). Then, when the company expanded to the United States, cartoon heads were added to appeal to kids in 1952. Feet were added in 1987.
I myself, have never been a big Pez fan, but all of the grandkids seem to love them.......but I am thinking that since this generation of parents worry about the sugar and hyper thing, where in my generation we did drink colas and eat sugar, that the grandkids would eat straght sugar if offered to them..............but that is a whole other subject..........................

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Hey, what about colors........if you are a certain age, then you probably have done the "what are my colors" party or had your colors "done". I think, and goodness knows I am not going to assume, that most every female has a favorite not only do they have a favorite color, but they have special colors for their clothes, rooms in the house, jewelery, furniture, you get the picture. Men, well men are men, give them more than one choice and most get this look on their face like " Is this one of those questions like 'does this make me look fat?' ?" and then back away slowly and grab their brown/blue jacket and escape out the door. When I was younger it was everything, then somewhere along the way, I allowed other colors to slip yellow (but not on me.......oooo, talk about jaundice looking!!!!) and green, ewwwww, lilac and orange too............BUT....if you have known me for the last few years, you know red and I are such good friends.....especially in clothes......I love red. I love red red, deep red, garnet red, hmmmm, now the Christmas red is ok for Christmas, but not on me or my purses. Here is a photo of one of my most favorite mugs in the's actually my daughter Jenn's mug.........but s l o w l y but surely I am using it more and more and feeling very comfortable with it. Don't you just love the colors, they are so soft, and even the yellow of the stars, well it's soft and warm too. I would like to create something using these fact I have a bookmark that I "won" a couple of years ago at The Divine Miss Em's school,(oldest grand daughter, for those of you that don't know - and is there anyone who knows me, that doesn't know the names of ALL of my grandchildren?) and it has the same colors in it. Now, here is my mug. Yes mine. No one uses it....maybe it's the look that they receive when they come near it, maybe it's the fear of the deep and dark mood that would overcome me if it were broken or chipped.......or maybe my family is just humoring me, who knows and who's mine. I splurged on this mug some years ago at the Festival in the Park, in Spearfish, SD. Didn't have much $$, but when I saw it, I knew it was meant for felt good in my hands and that day I felt like I was worth the $$ that I paid for it........see it's blue, a soft grayish blue and totally pottery.....I love pottery. So, that is just the tip of the ice-berg on colors and do you feel about colors, what are your favorite?
Oh before I forget today is

Wed, 30th Jan:
Inane Answering Machine Message Day National Write to Congress Day Birthday - Richard (Dick) Cheney (US Vice President)Birthday - Franklin Delano Roosevelt (32nd President)King's Birthday (Jordan)
more trivia........need that trivia.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And today is...........

And today is............Freethinker's Day.............yes it is. Now when I looked this up, I have to admit I just sat here and thought, egads, Freethinker's Day. Then, bless my private and public education, I did remember studying about Freethinkers and then went on to investigate on the internet and here is what I found.

Tue, 29th Jan:
Freethinker's Day Birthday - President William McKinley (25th President)Anniversary - Seeing Eye (guide dogs)Admission Day (Kansas)

(Jan 29) Today we're celebrating . . . Freethinker’s Day
Freethinker’s Day Observing the birthday of Thomas Paine, the author of Common Sense which advocated the independence of the American Colonies

freethinker n. One who has rejected authority and dogma, especially in his religious thinking, in favor of rational inquiry and speculation.
-The American Heritage Dictionary here is a link to some famous might be surprised and then again you might not and lastly, there is even an email card that you can send So now I am finding that blogging is dusting off cobwebs in my mind and bringing back memories of various classrooms.

I am off to the gym event that brings both pleasure and pain. I enjoy my trainer (a trainer, my biggest output of money that I have ever spent on myself) and some days I even actually like going to the gym, but trust me, working out is not my idea of fun. I was watching the View last week......well it was on and I putzing in the kitchen, and Sylvestor Stallone was on, and even he admitted that he doesn't like working out.............yeah Sylvestor!!!!! I am trying to concentrate on mid-driff and below for awhile..........well me and my big mouth. My trainer had me doing some wonderful contortions on the floor with the large ball..........shoot, at first I thought the whole exercise was "keep the ball from rolling out from underneath you" was funny........but once I master this, it was ok. I was then laying on top of the ball, with just my fingertips on the floor, raising each leg and holding it...........ok, that wasn't hard. Flash forward to the next day.........I called my trainer and explained that I did have a life outside of the gym and I had to move for it..............I was walking like I had steel rod placed, well you know where and trying to not burst into loud moans and yipes of yes I am going back today and will do this all again. Ok, I know some of you are real work out people, I usually go to the gym more than once a week, but I had sick little boys last week, so that is why I only got to grace the gym once.
Well today's challenge was to see if I could teach myself how to put in the addresses to the different sites that I refer to........guess I won't know until I post this to the let's give it a go and if it works I shall beam, if it doesn't I will do an "oh man!" and will have to read the help section..........

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hello there,

Oh man, see I started this thing and already I missed two days of entries. Now it's not going to effect world peace, but good grief, like a new diet, you would think that I would be able to get off to a better start......don't you? Oh, if anyone ever does find this blog and starts to read it, be prepared for certain sayings, - we all have them don't we?- for example, the world peace thing, it's one that I use quite a bit to make me stop and put things into perspective.........holy mackanolie is one I use frequently......oh man, well that is a given, I know there are others but right now I just can't think of them.

I started this early this a.m., before I took my oldest grandson to schoo, since then I have fed grandson #2 and myself, sorted and started laundry, and put a semi mental list of things that I would "like" to accomplish today........nothing on paper........not today, as I can see already that putting it on paper would only make me feel defeated.
I felt the need to do something to the door for the upcoming celebration of love and spring too........I am a wreath, door me, it's a pre-welcome to your home. Went to a wonderful store we have here called Garden Ridge, a large warehouse type building that has everything and anything for home decor and garden too of course, to look for roses to put in this container that I had purchased for 1/2 price. Well I was a wee bit late to be looking for nice fake roses, as most of San Antonio must have been there just before me and picked things over quite nice. I say the tulips and thought they were springish, red and what I could afford, a good combination, don't you think.
What if anything do you do to your house door?

Friday, January 25, 2008

it's me I think

I know that sounds weird, but aren't there times in your life, that you truly wonder.......who is this person that I am with 24 hours a in and day out, that lives in the same body as I do? Shoot, it can't be me, why I am more sweet, humble, smarter, more creative, thinner, have a better complection, think kinder thoughts..........all of the positive things that we KNOW that we are, but alas, this person that seems to be following you around, didn't you just see or hear or alas, maybe even witness them doing something totally "un" you? Ok, stop shaking your head, you know you've felt that way too at least once in your life.........and if you haven't, then sign up for the saint of the month club!!!!
Since this is my first time blogging........shoot I don't even know what a 'dashboard' you know that this thing isn't going to be real professional, don't you. If you find me and want to stick around for some laughs, then I am sure it will be a fun experience, watching someone who isn't computer savvy a'tall, trying to put in pictures, links and whatever else you can do here.
The first challenge will be finding the time to do it........shoot I am not able to commit to signing up daily for the HGTV Dreamhome Give Away.........and I even have one of those little thing-a-ma-jigs on my desktop (I do know what a desktop point for me!). So unless you hear from my children that something horrid has happened to me, don't give up on me, I will try and try again to make this work........shoot, I need an outlet for my thoughts, at my age, I don't have enough room left for any more craziness in my head, I have to let it escape somewhere.
So welcome to "it's me I think" and lets travel together and find out where life will take us.