Monday, January 28, 2008

Hello there,

Oh man, see I started this thing and already I missed two days of entries. Now it's not going to effect world peace, but good grief, like a new diet, you would think that I would be able to get off to a better start......don't you? Oh, if anyone ever does find this blog and starts to read it, be prepared for certain sayings, - we all have them don't we?- for example, the world peace thing, it's one that I use quite a bit to make me stop and put things into perspective.........holy mackanolie is one I use frequently......oh man, well that is a given, I know there are others but right now I just can't think of them.

I started this early this a.m., before I took my oldest grandson to schoo, since then I have fed grandson #2 and myself, sorted and started laundry, and put a semi mental list of things that I would "like" to accomplish today........nothing on paper........not today, as I can see already that putting it on paper would only make me feel defeated.
I felt the need to do something to the door for the upcoming celebration of love and spring too........I am a wreath, door me, it's a pre-welcome to your home. Went to a wonderful store we have here called Garden Ridge, a large warehouse type building that has everything and anything for home decor and garden too of course, to look for roses to put in this container that I had purchased for 1/2 price. Well I was a wee bit late to be looking for nice fake roses, as most of San Antonio must have been there just before me and picked things over quite nice. I say the tulips and thought they were springish, red and what I could afford, a good combination, don't you think.
What if anything do you do to your house door?


Mel Seigfried said...

Love it! Love tulips too! I think it is perfect for the upcoming holiday and Spring! : ) I have nothing on my door...yet!

Julie said...

OOOhhhh... I love the door piece! I usually have wreaths on both doors. I was slacking this year though and when I took down the Christmas one, I just hung the one up with grapes and grape vines rather than doing a wintry one. And then we have Valentines coming up....mmmmmm...I think I'll skip that this year too!