Friday, February 29, 2008

Spiderwick Chronicles.............

My son-in-law and I went to see the movie, the Spiderwick Chronicles last going to the movie with me is like a sacred ritual. 1. I like to arrive early............why, well first I like to stand in line and get my over humongous bag of popcorn, which sometimes I eat all of and other times I don't, but I will either ask them to layer the butter or at the other theatre, you place you own butter on.........oh man, do they lose $$ on me...........and then there is the salt butter me, my heart and blood pressure both need at least 48/72 hours of complete rest after a popcorn movie adventure. 2. I like to sit in the seats that are in the first row of the high know, the seats that have the railing in front of it...........I like to put my feet up on the lower rail...........nooooooooooo, I don't slouch down like some jellied spine teen-ager, but being short, I do like a wee bit of a foot rest. 3. I love the previews.........I want to scope out what is coming and hopefully "remember" what I want to see................
Ok, now I set the stage........well kinda sorta.............who ever I am with, we people watch's fun.........nothing bad, just giggly stuff.
Now I am not going to ruin the movie for anyone, but I will put a word of advisement out........this movie, even though it came from a children's book series, well it can be rather frightening.........not like the horror movie genre type of scary, but we do have some rather odd looking creatures and some rather violent scenes too..........which all leads up to my event at this show. At one part of the movie, this huge big large nasty real life looking snake appears........not for just a few minutes, but for a wee bit of a chase anyone that knows me for even a wee bit KNOWS I am so scared of snakes, well I have no words to describe my fear. So my sil is sitting next to me and I am desperately pawing at his leg (thinking his hand is there) and I mean clawing and grabbing), he is saying "stop it, you're not funny" "Mary Ellen, stop it." Now I am beyond being subtle (ok, for some of you, you are thinking.......pawing at some one's leg is is for me and a snake!!!!!!!!). Now I am aggressively clutching his bicep and whimpering, "Hold my hand, hold my hand. " Now by the time this all takes place the snake scene is almost done and my heart is beating so fast that I think I am going to have to be removed from the theatre, with a stretcher and oxygen..................alas, and thankfully it didn't happen. As we were walking to the car, I look up to Steven and whine " YOU, wouldn't hold my hand!!!! " I whine well too. Steven looks down at me and replies " I thought you were kidding around, trying to pretend you were a snake." Ok, now this is good, I just reached over and smacked his shoulder a couple of times........... " YOU, you thought I was fooling around!!!!!! I don't fool around about snakes you boob!!!!! " He of course is laughing like a court jester and having a good time...........and I too eventually did a recap of the this event in my mind and got to giggling too....................but at the time, it was not a funny thing at just remember this little chapter, for hopefully if I still have a working computer................YES, the floppy is still stuck in the A drive.............maybe this week-end..........I will add another adventure in the same genre that took place this week.................

Thursday, February 28, 2008

soooooo many blogs

So many wonderful blogs and so little time..........I use to go to quite a few, but alas it seems my time has decided to shorten itself and I rarely get to visit some of them any more. Isn't that, really isn't it? I love to read what is happening in other people's lives, oh no, not that nosey rosey part of me........tee hee......but that, "wow, isn't that cool" or " yowzers, that is really neat, how did she think of that?" kind of reading. Now I do have to admit, that I get a wee bit sad when I go to a particular blog and there hasn't been any updates in like forever and ever . It's almost like I didn't receive a Christmas card from a favorite cousin or you know deep in your heart that something must have happened, something terribly LIFE, but still you feel a little bit upset............I haven't taken the time to list some of the blogs that I like........I should, along with, getting the laundry started, emptying the dishwasher, going to the gym (and trust me, it isn't one of my favorite things to do) ..............hmmmm, wonder how much a personal secretary is??? A temp? A clone.......oh man, trust me, scrap the clone thing...........I KNOW that this family doesn't need another one of me...............tee hee.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I am being tested..........

I am tested daily on the way to school, by my grandson, Daniel. So far I am receiving good grades , and lots of "whoa, you're fast Nana" comments.........but today, well today we started down another avenue in which I am glad we traveled and hope we travel some more,
After the usual: how many nickels in a dollar? How do you spell Texas? What do you have when you take away 2 from 8? (see I am on a roll here). I heard this,
"Nana, did they have computers when you were little?" the above picture was taken from this site.
"No Daniel, they didn't."
"Did they t.v.s?"
"Yes, we were one of the first families to have one." Now this isn't bragging and one day I will share WHY we had one, because it certainly wasn't because we could afford one.
"What did you watch?"
Oh man, open up the flood gates to memory lane and let the ole' Nana start tripping down it...........and when you are remembering, you can trip, skip or even run down that lane. I told him about Ding Dong School, with Miss Francis. Which truly was the forerunner for all educational children's programming.

I went on to share my personal favorite genre, westerns and westerns were all of the rage in the late late late late 40's and early 50's.

Why there was Sky King and his niece Penny. I am thinking this wasn't a daily show, but it could have been

Oh and not only mine, but I am sure at least half of America........well let me give you a hint......'Happy trails to you, until we meet again..'
Can you guess, do you know..........Roy Rogers and Dale Evans ? Oh I even had the little fringed skirt, and tacky straw hat, two six shooters strapped around my waist, which I believe were really cap guns, but I was a whooooosy little girl and those caps scared me.

Another one of my all time favorites was Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob........Clara Belle was in there too somewhere, but for the life of me, I just don't think I ever became emotionally attached to that clown.........or any clown for that fact. There was a princess too, but I can't remember her name.

I also remember KuKla, Fran and Ollie, and trust me, that was really quite the weird little puppet show, but I watched it.

Now after all of this discussion, and I am in hopes that he remembers some of it, he just didn't seem to be that impressed with my vivid and colorful fact he seemed to be grateful that the ride to school was over and he could escape.........sigh......I am thinking that I am losing a listener quickly here...........

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Texas Mountain Laurel

Oh baby, it's cooooold outside...........that's what I am hearing from my children and grand babies in Why-oh-ming.......that's what I am hearing from one set of out-laws (my sil's parents......that's what we affectionately call each other......the outlaws) in Nebraska..................but alas, it isn't cold down here "deep in the heart of Texas". It starts out chilly (for us) but already we have been in the 80's and 90''s nice. The boys are been outside in swimsuits playing on the neighbors bonzi falls........whoa, way to much energy involved in that.......6 children under the age of 9!!! But for my, this is one of the nicest parts of this early warm spell...........the Texas Mountain Laurel tree........I have just fallen in love with it.......the picture I am sharing is from the Internet, as I have never seen one this big........but oh my...well just look

Isn't it beautiful? I think what it does for me, is to remind me of the lilacs.......oh how i love lilacs. In Wyoming, I had a friend that had the most beautiful and luscious lilac trees, almost a whole hedge of them......when they bloomed, she always told me to come over and cut a big bouquet. I have no shame, I did. I would then spread those aromatic and wonderful flowers all through my was like a little bit of spring time (and trust me, spring in Wyoming takes forever to come) everywhere you looked. Ah, back to the Mountain Laurel........yup, I am thinking that this is the reason I have fallen in love with it. Here is a close up of the flowers.. See they have a hyacinth like flower.........Ok, enough, I am beginning to sound like I possessed with this flower thing ( I am......there I confessed). I will try really hard to move on to other subjects, commentaries, and my point of view topics soon.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Egads, i didn't post for two days and now you have to do something new to get into your blog. Ok, ok, for you organized ladies (and trust me, when I said the word 'organized', it wasn't said in a kind, loving voice!!!!) I bet you have all of your accounts either in alphabetical or numerical order written down or hidden away in a secret file on the computer, along with each and every password that you have.............phllllllllllllllllllt! Me, well I have these two pathetic pieces of paper, stuck away in my address book. Now these two pieces of paper are really treasures......for not only do they have all of these little notes jotted here and there, but they have 14 gazillion crossouts and re-writes where I have had to change my password, because I didn't remember it the first 100 times and then that particular site would assign me a new one. I love some of their password..........yellow bus 1458 butterfly........or candy33bluehair87.....or, hello?? You really expect me to remember this? So with great sorrow, I am unrolling my l o n g list of "to-dos" and add, organize site, even tho' it is 583 on the list, it just makes me shake.........

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jammie Days

Do you ever have a jammie day? Oh man, I LOVE jammie before I forget, all of the jammies that I am going to share come from this site! there got that over with........sometimes I forget and I will try to do better giving credit to the things I snag and share........I shall also say that none of these jammies are mine........first place, if you go to this site, open up your pocketbook WIDE, prices for some of these jammies...........well if we were shopping together and you bought them I would probably do one of these numbers really loud " Are you out of your mind!!!!????? I am going to put you back on your medications the minute we get you home!!!!" Me, I shop at Wally World or Kohls........I do love Kohls.......sometimes TJ Maxx will have some good buys for me too.......but trust me, since I have lost a wee bit of weight, well for awhile I went jammie crazy.....go figure. Now some people like nighties, i Use to wear nighties, but then for some unknown reason I I don't wear shorty p.j.s.........and trust me it gets plenty warm both state wise and hot flash wise for me too........i just am not comfortable in them......another sweet mystery of life, huh?

The one that slayed me was this creation......
Hello..........can you imagine waking up with these feathers all over your bed/bedroom??? Oh and by the way, this little number is on sale for half price.........don't think we need a doctorate's degree to figure that one out !!!!!!!

These would be my kind of jammies........
Are you getting the feeling that I like jammies and jammie days.........and I know, they are pajamas, pjs, sleep wear, not jammies, but we have called them jammies since I was a little girl and what we wear to bed at night to sleep in are now and forever named jammies...........hey what are you, a nightie or jammie girl?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

This says it all !!!!!!

I received the best link this a.m.............I am sharing with all of you........and trust me, I laughed and laughed and laughed.........that good down deep happy laughter........I am sharing it with you too in hopes that you will also laugh, chuckle or at least a wee smile will appear......... Oh I do hope this works.........let me go and see, yup it worked for me.........enjoy.............

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I may be computerless

The above graphic is a Mary Engelbreight.........., I love her work..........but the whole thought I am going to try to share IS: I may be computerless!!! Just typing the words sends chills down my spine.......isn't that pathetic???? The digital camera that I have is old. It is so old that it uses the plastic floppy discs.......which always confused me, as they are hard hard plastic, so why are they called floppy? Well, one got stuck in my A drive (I know, most computers don't even have an A dive any more.......). I have tried removing it with my fingers.........oiy vey.......took all the skin off around the cuticle area of my pointer finger.......ouch!!!!! Then I went and got my most favorite tool in the tweezers............I am telling you, I don't let anything happen to these tweezers, they are jewels!!! Even tried using the small kitchen now I will wait until Steven gets home and see if together we can retrieve that nasty little disc.............if not, then off to the computer doctors my machine will go............and trust me, I just don't want that to happen. I have come to rely on my computer to keep in touch with friends, retrieve information both needed and trivial, play games (and I do wish I had more time to do that..........I like to play games) and share photos with people and keep up my new site. I do remember a time when my computer didn't have internet and I could just use it for writing letters and such..........shoot, I can remember when I functioned and quite well actually, without a computer at all..........but I don't like to think about those days not if you don't mind, send some good thoughts this way and if I disappear, it isn't because I am being held captive............I will return.......

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I think I mentioned that we are living in Texas now...........and I like it. I was born across the border of Massachusetts in Nashua, NH - lived in Massachusetts, moved to Michigan where I graduated and married and had two of my three children, and then moved to Wyoming......and I kiddingly will spell it, Why-oh-ming.......but I do like Wyoming. I lived briefly in Florida and really liked it there.........think it was the ocean thing, and we were right there at the ocean. Now, as I have said, I am in Texas.

Now close your eyes, what do you think of when you imagine Texas........come on, close your eyes...........John Wayne, horses, cows, oil wells, the big house on the t.v. show, Dallas........well I have to let you know, that since starting my residency in this big huge state, I could count on my hands, the number of times that I have seen a gentleman dressed in western kidding. There is something about a man, when he wears a nice western shirt, boots, hat and ....sigh......those wranglers.........'those wrangler butts, will drive you nuts'.......sorry if that offended any of you..........but it is true......amen. Now, add some grey hair on the side and whoa, we are talking one good visual picture.

Now one thing we have in Texas, and trust me, it took my by complete surprise are.........are you ready? Palm trees.........yeah, California and Florida palm trees.........

I don't know why I am amazed at this........but I am. I didn't picture palm trees in Texas, I pictured, cacti..........and there are quite enough of those prickly items here. Now, it's not that I don't like palm trees, but in my mental image, I don't have any of these tall beauties floating put palm trees in one hand and wrangler dressed gentlemen in the other.......shoot, I do hope you know which one is going to win out in my game !!!!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008


I like to change fonts. Now before we get started, I have to admit, that in writing this blog, sometimes the font changes and I have NO idea how, and usually can't fix it that isn't intentional, it's just another "oooops" in my life.
When I do emails, I like the Comic Sans MS, don't know why, just do. I usually like blue too.........I would change it here, but then it would require me remembering which blue I chose and that of course would just lead to more unwanted pressure.......
Here is a wonderful site that has some wonderful fonts Now I am computer 'duh' about adding fonts to my computer, and I KNOW that there is a way to do it..........but alas, I don't quite understand I am constricted to what is and was downloaded onto my machine.........but that is ok, because there are quite a few that I can choose from. Ooh man, click on that link and start to drool, some really really cool fonts.

Hey does anyone know how to do calligraphy?
That is something else I would like to know something that I have found out about myself since I have started writing this life isn't over.......oh for a while I thought it was, but man there is so much to see and do and you know, maybe I'll just pick up one of those little calligraphy kits and mess around with it.......or maybe not.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Paint and my bedroom

As most of you know, I live with my daughter and her family. We are now living in San Antonio, Texas. We live in a beautiful home, in a wonderful area called Schertz and I do love it here............I really do........well except for three small things........June, July and August...........oh repent ye sinners repent, for those three months are preparing you for what that horrid place opposite of heaven and what it would be like. Where will we be placed after next summer, who knows.........I am sure somewhere that has snow..........oh man.......!!!!! Moving into a new home is wonderful, but they are all painted that same mono color of beige/sand/tan. Now my daughter, splurged and had the dining room, living area , den and kitchen all professionally painted.........for one, the ceilings, like most new homes, are so high, that just the thought of painting them gives me vertigo!!!! I haven't painted my bedroom, because for one thing: we will be moving.........pause, just talked to my s-i-l and now my plans may change......when and if we move, I might not have to re-paint my bedroom back to the original sand/beige/ tan...........unless who ever bought the house (and it is a buyer's market here) wanted it now the whole blog thing is you like the color in the top picture.......the soft mint green?
Or what about this one to the right? Almost the same shade, just a tad bit different. This would be such a total change for me..........I am a blue person, and still thinking of a grayish/blue and white theme too.......
Right now I am sleeping in my childhood Jenny Lind bed........and love it, but thinking of painting it white.......oh man, like when am I going to have a chance to do all of this??? Well there is always, tomorrow...........:)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Something I like...........

I have no idea why two coffee cups showed up..........but coffee is later............

I want to share a quirk I have...........and I KNOW someone out there shares it with me even if you won't admit it. Ya know that rubbery gluey gunk that they adhere different paper items to each other with.......I love that stuff. Oh I don't kiss it and hide it in my room......egads.........but I do like rolling it between my fingers. I like the feel of it. I like to stretch it, roll it, smash it...........I like it.

Hey you know what else I splurged on the other day at the dollar of those stress ball thingies ( I have lots of 'thingies' - if I don't know the proper name of something it becomes a 'thingie')..............but this one.........well let me show you

He is just plain fun......and I like squeezing him, do you think I have some hidden aggression problems-- naw, just like squeezing things I guess;
Now to the coffee graphic.......I like coffee. Sadly though, I am not a grown-up coffee drinker. Nope, I am still that little Mary Ellen living in Pepperell, Massachusetts, sitting at her Nana and Da's kitchen table, drinking that special concoction that they made for me.........theirs consisted of, milk, lots and lots of sugar and a drizzle of coffee to give it flavor. Mine, 3/4 dry creamer plain and flavored, 2 artificial sweetner packets and then coffee, sometimes I add an ice cube too...........of course where ever I am at, if there is a grandchild around, I must share this wonderful beverage with them.........for alas, I did introduce each and every one of them to this fantastic drink (and I am thinking some of my children aren't to pleased). Now I don't drink this everyday......and thank goodness I don't, for if I did, I am sure that my overextended in girth body would really be stretched to the limits, but when I do drink it, it is from one of the two wonderful coffee mugs I shared earlier in the blog. Hey someone share some of their "likes" too.......even if they are quirky......come on, it will feel good to bring it out of me...........

Friday, February 15, 2008

Tomorrow, tomorrow

Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week. Spanish Proverb
I believe that.......I do, why if I accomplished just half of what I have put on my list for tomorrow, why I would be the most productive woman, not take that back, most productive human in America. Tomorrow holds the promise that things that overwhelm us, will have dwindled in size. Tomorrow teases us with hopes of the thinness, clear skin, silky hair, and neatness. Tomorrow also possesses the ability to allow us to day dream, have fantasies, and hope.........and when tomorrow comes, we will forgive him/her if the promise isn't fulfilled...........why there is always the next tomorrow to let our hopes and dreams thrive, and become more enriched. I also like that tomorrow holds the words of love, forgiveness, understanding and compassion. The next day and night, can lead us into so many wonderous avenues of learning, music, literature, taste, smell, discovery..........ah never let my love of tomorrow fade, for if it does, I believe that is when I will have lost my youth.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day

Today is February 14th...........Happy Valentine's Day. Here are some interesting tidbits, to place in your trivia me, some of this trivia can just amaze others, when you pull it out of the thin air and me...........

Valentine's Day History

There are varying opinions as to the origin of Valentine's Day. Some experts state that it originated from St. Valentine, a Roman who was martyred for refusing to give up Christianity. He died on February 14, 269 A.D., the same day that had been devoted to love lotteries. Legend also says that St. Valentine left a farewell note for the jailer's daughter, who had become his friend, and signed it "From Your Valentine". Other aspects of the story say that Saint Valentine served as a priest at the temple during the reign of Emperor Claudius. Claudius then had Valentine jailed for defying him. In 496 A.D. Pope Gelasius set aside February 14 to honour St. Valentine.
Gradually, February 14 became the date for exchanging love messages and St. Valentine became the patron saint of lovers. The date was marked by sending poems and simple gifts such as flowers. There was often a social gathering or a ball.
In the United States, Miss Esther Howland is given credit for sending the first valentine cards. Commercial valentines were introduced in the 1800's and now the date is very commercialised. The town of Loveland, Colorado, does a large post office business around February 14. The spirit of good continues as valentines are sent out with sentimental verses and children exchange valentine cards at school.

Valentines have done some amazing turn arounds.........some for the better and yet I am sorry, I do so love all of the wonderful Victorian valentines. All the roses, glitter, (see that glitter and glitz thing again), the mushy poems, the dramatic couple looking at each other with those dreamy love smitten eyse. Ok, ok, on to my childhood (yes it was before landing on the moon !!!) , by this time, the pre-boxed valentinese were available, but we still would make our own, iwth the dolies and red construction paper, tons of glue and if you could afford it glitter.......whoa, again the glitter.

I remember that my children (who have all visited the big 30 by now) had about the same options, the packages valentines with the various themes and I am sure some of them contained whatever the phase was at the time........balloons, color your own, etc. I just know that I hoped and prayed that the two girls didn't want the same "theme"........oh my goodness, the trauma and dramatics that took place when that happened!!!!

This year, my grandsons had tattos in their valentines.........of course I couldn't figure out how to keep them inside the little flimsy fold over valentine, that you help together with a we are putting them over ourselves and that has turned into a fun activity...........guess there is suppose to be a slit in the valentine somewhere........I can't find it.

I ramble, guess you realize that by now..........but through all of this, my heart still belongs to the old-fashion valentine of the Victorian age..........Love, isn't it beautiful..........

I forgot..........

Today is the pre-school's exchange of Valentines. My grandson has his little cardboard Spiderman valentines, one for each child and one for the teacher and her assistant. He doesn't quite understand what is going on, but he was liking the idea that he would put these into each of his classmates little decorated bags and they in return, and I am thinking he liked that part of it, that he would be getting something in return, would also be getting some little token. We arrive and all of the little girls have sort of little sparkly, or wearing red (Andrew had a red and blue striped shirt on too) and everyone looked festive................and then I noticed. The other young mothers were bringing the teachers and assistants little, candy, wrapped little boxes..........crap, I forgot! I just didn't think of it. You don't like to think that your special little someone will be treated differently because of this lapse of thoughfulness, but it lingers in my mind.........badm huh? My daughter in Wyoming called and did my " I am bad routine" and she listened patiently, and said " Mom, you are ____ (and mentioned my age), you are helping to raise grandchildren, not your own, and if that doesn't make you feel better, these teachers are getting paid by the school." She too is employed by a school district and we talked about how she received some little gifts at Christmas from some of her one-on-one students.........she said it was nice, but she didn't get upset when not all of them presented her with something.........of course she isn't that type of person, she likes presents - who doesn't- oh come on now, we all like a little something once in awhile-, but she doesn't get all excited or giddy when given a goodie. So I am feeling better and a little less like striking myself with a wet noodle...........but still, I wish I had thought of this kindness. BUT, on Monday, I brought the teacher this whole big huge sheet of the neatest stickers I found this week-end, see just a maybe not entering the meeting area, laden down with flowers, candy or little pretty boxes, will be ok this year...................but you better believe next year I will remember!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crafting and Art

For as long as I can remember, I have done something. I did embroidery, crewel, cross-stitch, painted (not on canvas or anything, but craft on wood and found objects - oh but I did take an oil painting class once.......another story), ceramics, crocheting, tried knitting, love to sew quilt tops, have been making cards to send to my daughter in Iraq - I do like doing that lots- and now I am into the beads, pearls and glitz........and think maybe I have settled........wellllllllllll.

I can't imagine not "doing" something in the creative line........when we first moved here, I was sooooooo bored and lonely, I went and purchased chicken wire and made these crazy pumpkins......shoot, just went to look for a snapshot of them and I can't find them, figures. Oh well, I really worked on those primitive pumpkins and it was fun.....not something that I had ever tried before, but I sure would do it again. I just had to have something creative going on with my hands. I have never really excelled in any of my crafting/art........never been published........never have taught- though I would love to-, but for me, being creative in some form is like breathing air......I just have to do it. I know others, that have never lifted a paint brush, or touched needle and thread except to put on a missing button and their lives are going along quite smoothly.......and come to think of it, I bet their pocketbooks are more than a wee bit plumper than mine.......yup, that's my purse, isn't it beautiful? It was made for me by a wonderful seamstress. Hmmmm, I am rambling again, but I have a feeling that if you read my blog, you too are one of those people that has to create......aren't you?

Monday, February 11, 2008

It wasn't my fault

No, it isn't my fault that I haven' t been able to post until s-i-l upgraded our services to an AT&T plan. Guess everything is going to be that way......computers, tvs, phones......shoot, I don't know, I just know I couldn't use the computer until now. My s-i-l had to take the day off today to be here for the installation.......and thank goodness he was. The young man that came to do the installation, well now, I know he must have gone to school for this or been in a training program through the company, but I don't think he won any Rhodes scholarships either.........Steven(my s-i-l) had to show him 1/2 of what was going on, then Steven had to almost prove to him that what he showed him was correct.......hello? It's done now and everything seems to be comes the final exam, ME. Yes me, it only took me a full year to learn how to do the two televisions in this the one in my bedroom has no whistles or bells so I was able to handle that one right from the beginning. The last couple of months or so, I have been able to pause, backup, record, rent movies........shoot I was on a roll. Now I am eyeing a new controller and starting to feel the first signs of diarrhea..............yes, I know, not pleasant, but it's me........what can I say. I will get the first lesson and then the second lesson and then the third will be given with that "look" know the one "what is wrong with you?", now the fourth time - and trust me, the fourth time is ONLY after I have messed with it by myself forever and really have it all messed the look is "and we trust our sons with you." I'll get it, it's just a matter of "when". Until then, will someone please watch Survivor for me and keep me updates, oh and American Idol too........thanks.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Angels - of sorts

I love angels.........different kind. I love the Raphael and the Michelangelo type of angels, and those angels of our Sunday school days, you know the ones pictures above the little children crossing the bridge, I do...............BUT..........I like the quirky angels. The picture above appeared in our local newspaper today and I just love her. The artist comes from Peru and her work is being displayed at one of the local galleries........(which in my fantasy world, I would be able to visit sometime before her show closed.......alas, it is a fantasy). I have angels all over my room, out of proportion angels, chubby angels, skinny old lady angels, and those wonderful handcraftred angels that friends have generously honored me with - those truly have the deepest meaning, don't they? I think what I like about the angel above is (sounds like the opening sentence for a third grade composition!!), the color, (which sadly is NOT being given true justice), she is wearing a derby hat - think ladies in Peru do wear these.....and look, she has the most beautiful lace on her skirt, and just that bit of risque, being able to "see through" to her legs.......oooo, and the big beautiful bows on her pantaloons, she is barefoot, and I don't know if you can see it in this sad scan, but she has brilliant jewels on her apron. I like her. She makes me smile, she makes me feel, that even though I am about 12 items behind (I made a list this a.m. and sadly, I am not crossing them off as fast as I would like - pout), I am still invisible and will persevere...........yup, I like angels.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


I love flowers.........I do. My total desire wavers between an English cottage garden and/or just a total abandoment type of flower know, it looks like it was just put there by nature, but in the back of your mind, either someone was totally devoted to this project, or they had a professional come and do it..........well anyways, in our one and only newspaper - isn't that strange, the 8th largest city in the USA and it only has one newspaper - San Antonio Express News- they have a section called S.A. Life, San Antonio Life and it is the section that has the movies in it, cartoons, and the local journalists columns........I like it. They also feature one big article daily and yesterday it was about flowers. Now they took their reference from Elizabeth Gamble Wirt's book, Flora's Dictionary and it was published in 1829, and from what I read, it is still used today........what do I know, I believe them, but here is what they listed........I won't use all of the examples, as it was quite a few and I have no doubt that my pictures won't get embedded in the blog, but will sit on top of it and defy me is needed in this department.
Dahlia= forever thine
Dogwood = I am perfectly indifferent to you (now you KNOW that this is from the 1800' they would use much harsher words)

Hibiscus = Am I forgotten
Yellow rose......anything yellow isn't good...."Yellow is usually a negative color. It can mean infideleity, disdain or jealousy." Hmmm, Yellow Rose of Texas??????

Red Tulip = Declaration of love

So, I thought it was interesting, there were many more and I am sure that if you are interested in this flower trivia, that there are copies of this book somewhere, or lists that will either agree or disagree with the above "meanings" of flowers.............I just know that I love flowers. I like them wild, in a garden, and in a bouquet...

Friday, February 8, 2008


I love ice cream. Amen. I truly believe that whoever made the food groups up, just must have made a mistake to not include ice cream in a category all of it's own (right along with popcorn, but that will be another day). As a child, well what I can remember of that part of my childhood, my most favorite flavor was chocolate. At that time we didn't have the 486 variations of chocolate, we just had chocolate. I was happy. I liked it in a dish, but oh my, if my parents took me to the local ice cream shack (and yes it was a shack.........) oh the pure joy of a sugar cone.........and I ate the cone too..........shoot I wasn't a skinny minny child, I loved sugar then too.

Today, the choices are so many and varied, that it just befuddles my mind..........but I ain't complaining. Today, I have many is one that I have introduced to my grandchildren and I know that at least two of them will eat my container before I do, unless I make a concerned effort to eat it first!!!! I like peach too, oh strawberry is right up there.........butter pecan and maple walnut.........ooooooo, I tried birthday cake/wedding cake - guess it goes by both names- a while back and the sounds that I made, well it must have embarressed everyone in the ice cream shoppe. I think so many things can be cured with ice cream, it can also bring back wonderful memories, it can soothe raw nerves at the end of a long day........hmmmm, I am thinking more doctors should prescribe ice cream instead of other meds. Will have to remember that, the next time the Surgeon General calls me up for advice........

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ok, sometimes my blog is about weird things........well not weird, weird, but ,hmmmm, different things. Today it's about computer wallpaper. I LOVE to have different wallpaper on my computer. Right now I have one from Mary Engelbreit site. Let's see if I can get it on here.........not bad, I did it. I especially love this one, because it has a little boy. Now I have 2 girl grand babies and 3 boy grand babies and sometimes it is just hard to find something with a boy on when I saw this one, I just snatched it up. I change my desktop/wallpaper all of the time..........I do the holidays, I do sun, I do rain, whatever strikes my fancy........see, I am a free spirit on the computer wallpaper, but in my life I do seem to constrict myself with "rules"..........rules aren't bad, in fact I wish more people obeyed them. Oh trust me, I have done my fair share of falling over the edge and have made some foolish choices.........hmmmm, this isn't about wallpaper is it...........well in case you want to change yours, I gave you a starting point.......let's share where and what we put on our computers........please.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kindness Counts is a reality

Oh the endorphins are still popping from yesterday. Yes, yesterday one of my dreams became a reality!!!! I have dreamt ever since I found the internet, that one day I would have a site.........I have done many ventures in the craft world and quilting too (which I still love, but just don't seem to do right now), and each and every new path I have traveled I could see the site in my mind................well, now with my jewelry, I can actually see it on the internet.........oh man, I cna't tell you what it is's like soaring in one of those sky rides, that are pulled behind a motor boat down in the Bahamas, the first taste of your favorite ice-cream, hmmm, it's like seeing someone you love again after a long long long time. I know I am not totally expressing the euphoria that captured me yesterday and still lingers on today. IT IS GOOD!!!!!

I don't know what it is about those pearls, crystals, seed beads, and other wonderful stones, but man, I just can't keep my hands off of them........and someone said that it shows. If you haven't had a chance to visit the site, I hope you will..........and I would LOVE to hear comments, suggestions, and just plain chatter.........I love chatter. Thank you to all who have supported me through my many and various stages of "finding myself". I can't gaurantee that I truly am found, but right now I am liking where I am at.............