Saturday, February 2, 2008

Grocery shoping

An internet friend, Lola, shared this site with me..........looks like a fantastic book, and a really interesting blog too........she is giving away two of the above books.......

I don't like to grocery shop.........the end. I never have. First you have to take stock of your pantry, cupboards, shelves, where ever or how ever you store your food. You then have to make the list......if you are a saver of coupons and I do clip and use coupons, as what ever little bit I can save, I feel it helps. Now you must prepare yourself to face the crowds.....I now shop at a commissary. Oh my goodness, I do believe everything that has been written, that San Antonio, Texas has become one of the largest retirement areas for retired military!!!!!! You have braced yourself and are proceeding down the aisles (again in my case, I am now driving one of those dreaded taxi/ fire engine/race car carts, as it keeps Andrew happy and also is like driving an 18wheeler through a $2 bra sale at Macys - - not a pretty picture, is it?) You have managed to manuever the aisles, the vendors that are stocking the aisles, the 453 other customers that have decided to shop the same time you do (I am thinking that we should sign up for designated shopping times......hmmm, will have to think on that) and now, oh yes now, we are ALL LINING UP to check just picture Disney World during Christmas vacation..........the check-out waiting line is set up with the little cloth barriers that weave back and forth. You know the phycological game to make you think that you are moving forward faster.........yeah right..............oh well, it is over for another two weeks...........well not really, as Andrew (who is improving greatly in his potty training) announced to me and everyone around us " I has to go pee pee in the toy-yet Nana." Well of course I am at one end of the store and the ONLY bathrooms are at the other by the time I get back to finishing up the list, I forgot to buy eggs...........sigh......thinking maybe my son-in-law will indulge me and pick some up while he is out doing errands this a.m............. now we are home and have to unpack the 846 bags. Oh and this is the best part, now comes the following weeks of preparing the food that only the other adult and I will eat at meal time.........oh man.........and then of course that brings us back to going grocery shopping. I did say to myself, that this year, 2008, I was going to improve my outlook and try my very best to be positive........and I am........because no where in this posting did I mention wanting to carry an automatic weapon with me to the see little baby steps.............

Sat, 02nd Feb:
Candlemas (Catholic/Orthodox)
Groundhog Day
Presentation of the Lord Day (Catholic/Orthodox)
Teach Your Daughter to Volunteer---sure hope there is a teach your son to volunteer day too....because in my humble opinion being a daughter, wife, mother and work outside the home puts enough time constraints on a woman........just throwing that thought out there
DayDia De La Candelaria (Mexico)

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Catherine said...

Shopping at ANY commissary is the pits I think! Ours is so tiny and the aisles so narrow, I get frustrated just thinking about going there!!

Anyway, THANK you so much for visiting Art from the Heart...good luck in the drawing...I'll post the winners of the two books and hand made item on Tuesday sometime!!