Friday, February 8, 2008


I love ice cream. Amen. I truly believe that whoever made the food groups up, just must have made a mistake to not include ice cream in a category all of it's own (right along with popcorn, but that will be another day). As a child, well what I can remember of that part of my childhood, my most favorite flavor was chocolate. At that time we didn't have the 486 variations of chocolate, we just had chocolate. I was happy. I liked it in a dish, but oh my, if my parents took me to the local ice cream shack (and yes it was a shack.........) oh the pure joy of a sugar cone.........and I ate the cone too..........shoot I wasn't a skinny minny child, I loved sugar then too.

Today, the choices are so many and varied, that it just befuddles my mind..........but I ain't complaining. Today, I have many is one that I have introduced to my grandchildren and I know that at least two of them will eat my container before I do, unless I make a concerned effort to eat it first!!!! I like peach too, oh strawberry is right up there.........butter pecan and maple walnut.........ooooooo, I tried birthday cake/wedding cake - guess it goes by both names- a while back and the sounds that I made, well it must have embarressed everyone in the ice cream shoppe. I think so many things can be cured with ice cream, it can also bring back wonderful memories, it can soothe raw nerves at the end of a long day........hmmmm, I am thinking more doctors should prescribe ice cream instead of other meds. Will have to remember that, the next time the Surgeon General calls me up for advice........

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