Saturday, February 9, 2008


I love flowers.........I do. My total desire wavers between an English cottage garden and/or just a total abandoment type of flower know, it looks like it was just put there by nature, but in the back of your mind, either someone was totally devoted to this project, or they had a professional come and do it..........well anyways, in our one and only newspaper - isn't that strange, the 8th largest city in the USA and it only has one newspaper - San Antonio Express News- they have a section called S.A. Life, San Antonio Life and it is the section that has the movies in it, cartoons, and the local journalists columns........I like it. They also feature one big article daily and yesterday it was about flowers. Now they took their reference from Elizabeth Gamble Wirt's book, Flora's Dictionary and it was published in 1829, and from what I read, it is still used today........what do I know, I believe them, but here is what they listed........I won't use all of the examples, as it was quite a few and I have no doubt that my pictures won't get embedded in the blog, but will sit on top of it and defy me is needed in this department.
Dahlia= forever thine
Dogwood = I am perfectly indifferent to you (now you KNOW that this is from the 1800' they would use much harsher words)

Hibiscus = Am I forgotten
Yellow rose......anything yellow isn't good...."Yellow is usually a negative color. It can mean infideleity, disdain or jealousy." Hmmm, Yellow Rose of Texas??????

Red Tulip = Declaration of love

So, I thought it was interesting, there were many more and I am sure that if you are interested in this flower trivia, that there are copies of this book somewhere, or lists that will either agree or disagree with the above "meanings" of flowers.............I just know that I love flowers. I like them wild, in a garden, and in a bouquet...

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