Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Crafting and Art

For as long as I can remember, I have done something. I did embroidery, crewel, cross-stitch, painted (not on canvas or anything, but craft paint......like on wood and found objects - oh but I did take an oil painting class once.......another story), ceramics, crocheting, tried knitting, love to sew quilt tops, have been making cards to send to my daughter in Iraq - I do like doing that lots- and now I am into the beads, pearls and glitz........and think maybe I have settled........wellllllllllll.

I can't imagine not "doing" something in the creative line........when we first moved here, I was sooooooo bored and lonely, I went and purchased chicken wire and made these crazy pumpkins......shoot, just went to look for a snapshot of them and I can't find them, figures. Oh well, I really worked on those primitive pumpkins and it was fun.....not something that I had ever tried before, but I sure would do it again. I just had to have something creative going on with my hands. I have never really excelled in any of my crafting/art........never been published........never have taught- though I would love to-, but for me, being creative in some form is like breathing air......I just have to do it. I know others, that have never lifted a paint brush, or touched needle and thread except to put on a missing button and their lives are going along quite smoothly.......and come to think of it, I bet their pocketbooks are more than a wee bit plumper than mine.......yup, that's my purse, isn't it beautiful? It was made for me by a wonderful seamstress. Hmmmm, I am rambling again, but I have a feeling that if you read my blog, you too are one of those people that has to create......aren't you?

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