Sunday, February 10, 2008

Angels - of sorts

I love angels.........different kind. I love the Raphael and the Michelangelo type of angels, and those angels of our Sunday school days, you know the ones pictures above the little children crossing the bridge, I do...............BUT..........I like the quirky angels. The picture above appeared in our local newspaper today and I just love her. The artist comes from Peru and her work is being displayed at one of the local galleries........(which in my fantasy world, I would be able to visit sometime before her show closed.......alas, it is a fantasy). I have angels all over my room, out of proportion angels, chubby angels, skinny old lady angels, and those wonderful handcraftred angels that friends have generously honored me with - those truly have the deepest meaning, don't they? I think what I like about the angel above is (sounds like the opening sentence for a third grade composition!!), the color, (which sadly is NOT being given true justice), she is wearing a derby hat - think ladies in Peru do wear these.....and look, she has the most beautiful lace on her skirt, and just that bit of risque, being able to "see through" to her legs.......oooo, and the big beautiful bows on her pantaloons, she is barefoot, and I don't know if you can see it in this sad scan, but she has brilliant jewels on her apron. I like her. She makes me smile, she makes me feel, that even though I am about 12 items behind (I made a list this a.m. and sadly, I am not crossing them off as fast as I would like - pout), I am still invisible and will persevere...........yup, I like angels.

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